Michigan Engineering Alumni Board

A critical constituency

The Michigan Engineering Alumni Board (MEAB) serves the College of Engineering and its alumni by offering knowledge, hands-on service, network connections, passion, and resources in the pursuit of the College of Engineering’s vision and mission.

Central to these efforts is the College’s distinguished alumni community, over 90,000+ members strong. The MEAB inspires alumni engagement and impact. For more information view this document.


  • Chair, Kim Weninger
  • Vice-Chair, Melissa Koob
  • Secretary, Jeff Klass


  • Aditya Pittie MSE ’95
  • Jeff Klass ECE ’97
  • Nicholas Capicotto ISD MEng ’11
  • Kristen Wolff BME ’06 MS BME ’08
  • Melissa Koob CEE ’96
  • Scott Siegmund ChE ’79
  • Grace Hsia Haberl MSE ’12
  • Jenna Shallcross IOE ’13 MS IOE ’14
  • David Donoghue AERO ’96
  • Janice Falzon IOE ’99
  • Kim Weninger ChE ’94
  • Peng Zhang NERS PhD ’12
  • Richard Furness ME ’87 PhD ME ’92
  • Jeff Sweitzer IOE ’03
  • Chris Herringshaw CSE ’85
  • Hannah Goldberg EE ’03 MS EE ’04
  • Ira Goldberg ME ’12
  • Andy Swiecki ME ’92
  • Vazir Fatehi IOE ’10
  • Chris Peltz ECE ’92
  • Chandra Shukla IOE ’18
  • Jessica Jones MSE AERO ’13 PhD ’17
  • Deborah Mielewski ChE ’86, PhD ChE ’98
  • Bobby Counihan BME ’02, MSE BME ’06
  • Tom Kilavos ME ’95
  • Matthew Gerow ME ’12, MSE ME ’13
  • Kevin Fok ChE ’96
  • Jasmine LaFlore AERO ’15
  • Jonathan Holbert NAME ’14 MSE NAME ’15
  • Scott Dewicki AERO ’90
  • Beth McBride Earth Systems ’12
  • Ken Alfano IOE ’00

Fall MEAB meeting (9/22/23) Lurie Engineering Center.



Subcommittee Chairs – Janice Falzon & Nicholas Capicotto

The goal of the Membership Committee is to facilitate the nomination, selection, onboarding, and off-boarding process of Board members. This group will help to ensure the Board represents the entire alumni body and is actively engaged.

Members are expected to attend at least one meeting a year and quarterly conference calls as a minimum. Also, all members are to serve on at least one committee, which will meet independently of the full board to fulfill its goals; these meetings are generally teleconferences. Members must cover their own travel expenses.

Department Promotions

Subcommittee Chairs – Melissa Koob & Scott Siegmund

The goal of this committee is to help students make informed decisions when declaring their majors. To that end, the committee will support the many initiatives currently underway at the College of Engineering to educate undeclared students about each of the departments.  

Experiential Learning Framework

Subcommittee Chair – Jeff Klass

Experiential learning opportunities have been described as important in higher-education contexts for many years as these opportunities have been linked to better career placement and recruitment and retention efforts. Experiential learning opportunities have also been identified as a key pedagogical feature of engineering education as noted in the recent MIT report – The Global State of the Art in Engineering Education and others. This emphasis may stem from experiential education’s alignment with engineering design education efforts, its potential to support the development of professional competencies, or its ability to produce more innovative, career-ready engineers.

This committee’s goals are to:

  • Support efforts connected to professional competencies development
  • Expand and update alumni profiles on the Immersed website.
  • Professional competency development through mentoring opportunities, and advice on the implementation of a professional competencies app (Spire).

Strategic Planning

Subcommittee Chair – Kim Weninger (MEAB Chair)

This committee’s goal is to integrate the MEAB’s work into the College’s visions and mission and to sustain that focus at all times. This subcommittee is comprised of all MEAB officers and subcommittee chairs.

Alumni Awards

Subcommittee Chair – Chris Herringshaw

This committee’s goal is to recognize outstanding alumni achievements. Early each calendar year, the committee will oversee the advertising for nominations, the process for collecting and reviewing nominations, and the preparations needed for the awards ceremony.


If you’re interested in joining the Alumni Board (or would like to nominate a fellow alum) here’s what you need to do and what you should expect:

  1. Submit your name and resume to [email protected].
  2. The Nominations Committee reviews candidates and makes recommendations based on the current board’s needs.
  3. Board member candidates are presented by the Nominations Committee at the annual board meeting during Homecoming Weekend in the fall.
  4. Members are elected at the annual meeting for a three-year term.

Newly elected board members receive a welcome letter with board meeting dates and additional board information. Typically, the full board meets in the spring and fall. Subcommittees meet via regularly scheduled teleconferences.