Master’s degrees

With nearly 40 Master’s degree programs, we offer a multitude of opportunities for you to specialize, advance, lead, and make an impact in your chosen field.

Every program is different, but Master of Science (MS) and Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) degrees are generally understood to be more research-based degrees that may or may not be part of your path to a PhD. Master of Engineering (MEng) degrees are sometimes referred to as professional degrees.


We’ve been developing great online learning experiences for years; U.S News and World Report consistently ranks our online graduate engineering in the Top Ten. A Michigan Engineering education is top-shelf, whether you attend class in person or from the comfort of your couch.

We’re proud to be ranked #6 Best Online Graduate Engineering Programs in the country, 2021 USNWR. Find out what sets our online programs apart from the pack.

Discover Nexus

Nexus, the college’s home for online and professional education, provides a path to valuable degree programs, leading edge graduate courses, and highly regarded professional education certificates available to learners anywhere in the world.

Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies (SUGS)

This sequential undergrad-graduate degree program (sometimes referred to as a 4+1 or combined BS/MS degree) allows you to use your credits and college experience efficiently.

SUGS does not require dual enrollment, but getting on a SUGS track does require some deliberate actions. Check out our SUGS Q&A to hear what students have to say about the program, or reach out to your department’s SUGS coordinator for more details.

Dual & joint masters degrees

One of the advantages of studying at a university with leaders across so many disciplines is the opportunity it gives you to broaden your expertise with a dual or joint degree.

Public Policy


  • Michigan Engineering & School for Environment and Sustainability: Engineering Sustainable Systems: Master’s
  • Chemical Engineering MSE and Sustainable Energy Systems MS
  • Civil Engineering MSE and Sustainable Systems MS
  • Environmental Engineering MSE and Sustainable Systems MS
  • Mechanical Engineering MSE and Sustainable Systems MS


  • Construction Engineering and Management MEng and Master of Architecture
  • Construction Engineering and Management MEng and MBA
  • Construction Engineering and Management MSE and MBA
  • Industrial & Operations Engineering MSE and MBA
  • Manufacturing MEng and MBA
  • Mechanical Engineering MSE and Master of Management