Student life

Building multicultural engineers

We want to see you thrive.

Participating in a variety of activities and innovative programs will enrich your academic pursuits. We also offer health and wellness resources to help you be your best self. Seeking support is a strength, not a weakness. 

Diverse teams get better results. To grow into the kind of engineer who can adapt in a rapidly changing world, you’ll need to understand how to make the most of the diverse strengths of your team.

We’re proud of how diverse our student body is, but we know that we can do better. We’re working to not only enroll more female students and students of color year over year, but also to provide supports that help students feel at home, excel and graduate.

Experiential learning & Immersed

Experiential learning complements a first-rate engineering education by building the professional competencies that set you apart from the competition. Explore a multitude of organizations and engineering-inspired programs that promote the importance of leadership, hands-on experience and participation in a global environment with Immersed.

Students organizations & activities

Whether it’s the U-M Solar Car Team, BLUElab or NSBE, you’ll have the chance to showcase your unique talents through a variety of interdisciplinary activities aimed at strengthening teamwork and cooperation.

Diversity-focused organizations

We proudly support organizations that celebrate the diversity and social identities of our student body. Diversity-Focused Organizations offer a chance to connect with the community to offer support and alliance. The office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs will help keep you informed about the events and active orgs on campus, and the Spectrum Center focuses on LGBTQ+ advocacy and community building. U-M also has a diverse range of religious and spiritual groups available to all students.

Design, test, build organizations

Our design, test and build organizations offer you the opportunity to get hands-on experience while still in college. With more than 50 teams in the Wilson Student Team Project Center, you can experience hands-on design, fabrication and develop a well-rounded approach to engineering problem solving. The center furnishes groups with an opportunity to interact, share ideas and showcase their projects.

Professional & Academic Organizations

Being in an academic or professional organization is certainly a resume booster, but it’s more than that. Joining a professional or academic organization is the perfect way to showcase leadership, expertise and commitment to excellence. Members expand their networks and make lasting connections. Most of all, it’s a chance to live our mission of serving the common good by giving back to the community through tutoring, mentoring or industry sessions.Find out what orgs or societies you might be interested in.

Fraternity & sorority life

One of the University’s longest traditions, fraternity & sorority life will welcome you into a family away from home, creating opportunities and friendships that will last for years to come. The legacy of Greek life at U-M dates back to 1845, when two national fraternities established chapters in Ann Arbor. Today, almost 5,000 students are involved in the Greek Community, with many unique and culturally diverse fraternities and sororities available to anyone.


With a campus shared with the School of Music, Theatre & Dance and a town dedicated to local artists, the college is surrounded by chances to get involved with music.

Michigan Engineers comprise more than one-third of the Michigan Marching Band, and students interested in playing percussion, brass and woodwinds or being a flag bearer are encouraged to audition and join this musical legacy.

Arts & culture

As one of Michigan’s cultural hotspots, U-M students can take advantage of film festivals, art fairs and award-winning theatre just minutes away from campus. Located in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, the historic Michigan Theatre is a mecca of culture. You can catch organ performances, live speakers, current movies and concerts — plus the annual Ann Arbor Film Festival and TED talks. Browse local museums, galleries and performing arts!

Health & wellness

Understanding how to balance academics with mental and physical health is vital, and the University offers excellent resources to help you succeed. 

Tips and tools for better health

Career resources

Looking to jumpstart your career? We will help you tap into our vast resources and network of people to help you build experience and stand out.

Career Tools and Resources

Scholarships & aid

We offer a variety of scholarships to help you through your college years. Some are available for all students and others require special applications. On top of maintaining a good academic standing, the best tactic to secure scholarships is to thoroughly research them and apply early.

Student Scholarship Opportunities