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Research to serve the world

For us, interdisciplinary collaboration comes naturally because it comes first. We share a campus with leaders in business, medicine and liberal arts, whose expertise elevates our engineering research. This convergence of disciplines and unparalleled access to resources means we are uniquely equipped to design and lead complex initiatives from the lab to industry.







Engineering research news

Bold ideas and noble failures – engineering for the common good

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Re-imagining what engineering research can be

Michigan Engineering strives to support convergent and transformative research, drawing upon a range of disciplines to address the world’s most pressing challenges.

Student research 

Our students innovate using world-class equipment and help lead our Utilizing integrated skills,  students innovate using world-class equipment and help lead our most interesting endeavors with industry-leading researchers. Whether you’re an undergrad  who wants to expand your engineering fundamentals and experience research first hand or a PhD building an academic career, your ideas and perseverance make an impact.


Engineering is at the forefront of human progress and problem solving. Our researchers lead global endeavors that advance our species and planet.

Research centers

Teams of Michigan Engineers and collaborators are improving smart infrastructure, autonomous transportation, weather prediction, nuclear nonproliferation and more through our research centers.

Core expertise

Our research runs the gamut from basic to translational, with a well-developed tech transfer pipeline. The short list of our greatest strengths includes computing, energy and sustainability, manufacturing, precision medicine, robotics, security and space.

Unparalleled facilities & labs

Our campus is home to the world’s most powerful laser, ZEUS, a 32-acre proving ground for driverless technology, a two story earthquake lab, a robot playground and a 18,000 sq. ft. cleanroom nanofabrication facility. That’s just the start of why our Centers and Institutes are a hub of academic and corporate innovation.