(From left to right) Students Zequan Lin, Leslie Igbo, Alison Haskell and Piush Sarkar work on their projects during the Biomedical Instrumentation and Design class (BME and EECS 458) taught by Kathleen Panagis at the BME building on the University of Michigan’s North Campus. Class GSI Julianna Caton (maroon sweater) is helping them.


engineering with a people-first perspective

Technical expertise, culturally engaged

Engineering is a people-first field. Our approach is to improve both engineering culture and solutions through an equity-centered lens. As a leading public university, we are working hard to change the world for the better. Just because we build robots does not mean we are robots.

As people-first engineers, we are committed to engaging our entire community, learning and growing together. Our biggest leaps have come from listening and helping facilitate inclusive teams that take sustainable action.

The people around you make all the difference, and we’ve made people our proudest differentiator.


Female leadership

Forty percent of top faculty administrators at the College of Engineering identify as female.


Faculty hiring

More than 60% of our faculty have received STRIDE training to combat unconscious bias in hiring.


Inclusive teaching

All new instructors are now trained in inclusive teaching practices through Center for Research on Learning and Teaching in Engineering.


Future faculty workshop

More than 144 underrepresented and female NextProf workshop alums now have tenure-track faculty positions.

graphic representing eight interconnected parts of well-being as fins on a colorful pinwheel. The parts are: physical, emotional mental, environmental, financial, occupational, social, intellectual and spiritual occupational

Your well-being matters

Well-being is a life-long journey. The University of Michigan uses a model of well-being that includes ALL aspects of your wellness: physical, emotional/mental, environmental, financial, occupational, social, intellectual, and spiritual.

Engineering C.A.R.E Center – the wellness hub for engineering students

Faculty & staff well-being resources



Our faculty and researchers are among the best in their fields. Not only do we possess technical expertise, we know how important it is to apply a diverse perspective to all that we do – from interdisciplinary collaborations to professional development. See who we are and how we stand out from the rest.


Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

Your perspective and lived experience will help you be a better engineer and person. Feel supported by peers and the College with help from our Office of Culture, Community and Equity (OCCE), which provides expertise, leadership and programming. Our people-first approach and equity-centered values are the foundation of our commitment to DEI in engineering culture.

Read the latest culture and DEI stories.


Student life

You’ll thrive with us. From diversity-focused organizations to hands-on experiential learning and design, test, build organizations, there are so many ways to make your mark here. Our resources can help you grow as an engineer and person. Build your resume with real-world experience, and feel supported along the way. Be yourself and join an organization or team that speaks to you.


Faculty & staff

We’re committed to engineering research and education for the common good, and our people are at the center of that commitment. Faculty and staff lead by example, playing an active and vocal role in shaping the college culture.