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Graduate & professional

Start strategically

From deciding if grad school is right for you to applications and deadline help, we have the resources you need. 

We are home to top-ranked departments that collaborate within the nation’s number one public research institution. In a university with 102 top-ranked programs, including business and medical programs, our graduate students collaborate with researchers across disciplines. The only thing missing is you. Apply and join us.

Find the graduate contact for your department of interest or tell us a little about yourself to get more information.

On campus or online

Selecting the right graduate school and program is a big life decision, and we’re here to help.


If you need department-specific support, you can always reach out to our graduate coordinators to connect in person.


If you’re seeking a professional certificate or specialized master’s, explore Nexus, the College’s home for online and professional education.

Academia or industry?

As you consider graduate school, your next steps will likely lead to industry, academia, national labs or entrepreneurship. 

As you decide, understand your strengths, weaknesses, values and motivations. Jobs in the private sector and jobs in academics can both be intellectually, financially and personally rewarding. Recognize what matters most to you.

Explore your options

Talk to people in your field(s) of interest

What’s the difference?

Ultimately it comes down to what makes you most happy.


  • Direct application of your research into the world
  • Practical, hands-on approach to real world problems
  • Immediate results and satisfaction
  • Much less overhead (i.e. no teaching, no grant writing etc.)
  • More controlled work hours
  • On average, a higher compensation package than academics


  • (Near) total freedom to choose problems you want to work on
  • No traditional boss/manager
  • Working on long-term problems, possibly with industry-wide impact
  • Working with intellectually curious colleagues and students and ability to choose who you work with
  • “Flexible” work hours, flexibility when you need it, but often work during nonstandard hours
  • Teaching and having direct impact on lives of students
  • Tenure and the associated job security
  • Writing grant proposals

Get your master’s faster

Complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years with Sequential Undergraduate Graduate Studies (SUGS). 

Paying for graduate school

Tapping into these resources is worth the effort. All our PhD students are fully funded.

Explore funding options that can help lighten the load.