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Range-doubling lithium metal batteries

Lithium metal solid-state batteries can provide a safer, more powerful alternative to the current standard. Plus, through electrochemistry, the battery “builds” its own lithium metal anode, completely eliminating a step of the manufacturing process.

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The Blue Sky Podcast - Mini Series

This research could change the way we think about solving global problems. Follow four high-risk, high-reward U-M Engineering research projects.

Fine-tune Your Future with a Master's Degree

With more opportunities to specialize, advance, lead and make an impact. Learn more about our Master’s programs and connect with one of our graduate coordinators.

Staying productive in the new normal

With students returning home as the holidays approach, our routines will once again change. In a Q&A, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) counselors share tips for staying productive and adapting to more change.