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Two men in white clean room lab gear examine a large, shiny piece of machinery



Equity-centered values.

People-first Engineering


When you feel safe, inspired and a sense of adventure, you’ll know it’s home.  

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World-class expertise, integrated across more than a dozen disciplines.

Engineers for a Better World

We’re shaping the engineers who will build a future that elevates all people.

No matter where you are along your career path, we can help you take the next big step.

A portrait style photograph of incoming Dean Thole.

Karen Thole is a mechanical engineer who has advanced sustainable aviation and diversity.


Only at the University of Michigan

We share a campus with leaders in business, medicine and liberal arts, whose expertise elevates our engineering research.

A computer generated image of a memristor chip

Timekeeping in the brain is done with neurons that relax at different rates after receiving a signal; now memristors—hardware analogues of neurons—can do that too.

our equity-centered values are embedded in everything we do

Inclusive teaching

All new Michigan Engineering instructors are now trained in inclusive teaching practices, contributing to an environment of success for students from all backgrounds.

Two students fill up a hydrogen balloon, connected to the electrolyzer (blue box).

Eighth graders from Henderson Academy in Detroit were the first to build and race model hydrogen cars at the Michigan Engineering Zone (MEZ).

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