Undergraduate degree programs

Shape your foundation

Your future career is a lifelong learning process that goes well beyond a paycheck.

Get the tools and experience to ensure you’ll be in demand by those solving society’s tough problems. 

Seek out an education that aligns with your interests and values through one of our engineering majors. We offer 18 undergraduate programs that lead to a Bachelor of Science degree. Along the way you can choose from a variety of programs that help you explore your specific interests with hands-on opportunities that let you put your purpose into practice.

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What kind of engineer will you be?

We can help you apply your passion for problem solving to a field that fits.

Looking for courses?

The Course Guide and Bulletin (a.k.a “the Bulletin”) is always the most up-to-date source for info on Michigan Engineering courses, curricula and paths of study.

Credit where it’s due

Transfer credit

Whether it’s from dual enrollment, dual degrees or coming to us from another institution, the credits you’ve earned might apply to your degree or program with us. Our admissions and aid resources for transfer credits can help you see how your existing credits might apply.

Placement exams

Prior to orientation, you will complete the online math and chemistry placement exams (chemistry exam will be waived for those with AP/IB/transfer credit for general chemistry). You will also have the option of taking a foreign language placement exam. In some cases, doing well on a U-M Placement Exam will exempt you from a course or a requirement. The Engineering Advising Center website has more information.

Advanced Placement guidelines

Make sure to discuss your AP exams with your advisor during orientation. 

Admissions: Advanced Placement Guidelines

Where your degree can take you

As you consider graduate school, your next steps will likely lead to industry, academia, national labs or entrepreneurship. We can help you start strategically.

Get your master’s faster

Complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years with Sequential Undergraduate Graduate Studies (SUGS). 

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Explore PhDs

Michigan Engineering is a great place to get your PhD, and all our students are fully funded.