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Admissions and student services


Admissions & aid

  • Recruitment, Transfer Admissions and Scholarships: Room 153 Chrysler Center, (734) 647-7101
  • Scholarships & Fellowships: Room 143 Chrysler Center, (734) 647-7113



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(734) 647-7000

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Engineering directory: Academic and administrative offices

Steve Ceccio smiles and poses for a portrait in the Robotics building.
Steven L. Ceccio

Interim Dean
Room 2249 Lurie Engineering Center
(734) 647-7008

Mingyan Liu smiles and poses for a portrait.
Mingyan Liu

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Room 2464 Lurie Engineering Center
(734) 647-7020

Eric Michielssen

Associate Dean, Research
Room 1011 Lurie Engineering Center
(734) 647-7030

Lola Eniola-Adefeso

Associate Dean, Graduate and Professional Education
Room 1010 Lurie Engineering Center
(734) 647-6851

Kevin Pipe portrait
Kevin Pipe

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education
Room 1261B Lurie Engineering Center
(734) 647-7150

Deborah Mero

Sr. Executive Director of Resource Planning and Management
Room 2408 Lurie Engineering Center
(734) 647-7067

Dan Maletta

Executive Director of Information Technology
Room 2170 Duderstadt Center
(734) 936-3565

Rebecca Flintoft
Rebecca Flintoft

Executive Director for Student Affairs
Room 143 Chrysler Center
(734) 647-7098

Lyonel Milton
Lyonel J. Milton

Interim Executive Director, Culture, Community and Equity
2456 Lurie Engineering Center
(734) 647-6007

Jennifer Judge Hensel

Executive Director of Communications & Marketing
Suite 3214, SI-North
(734) 647-7085

Portrait of Chris Labelle
Chris LaBelle

Executive Director, Online & Professional Education (Nexus)
1000 Lurie Engineering Center
(734) 647-7200