Lead through service

Your connection to the Michigan Engineering community doesn’t end when you graduate — it expands.

As a Michigan Engineering alum, you’ve gained years of career experience, insight and expertise that no one else can match. That experience is incredibly valuable to our current students, and the Michigan Engineering Alumni Volunteer program gives you the power to share it. Whether you’re on-campus or on the other side of the world, you can meet other alumni, and most importantly, make a difference in the lives of Michigan Engineering students.

30-minute mentoring

Our Michigan Engineering alumni network has a wealth of experience and knowledge at its disposal. During 30-minute mentoring, we’re giving you a chance to share that wealth of knowledge with the next generation of engineers.

How it works:

Department and College events take place roughly 10-12 times a year. Be on the lookout for one in your department, and sign up to volunteer.

  • You commit a certain amount of hours to mentor.
  • Two weeks from the event, a registration site is released to students to claim your time in 30-minute blocks.
  • On the day of the event, you make yourself available to the students who have claimed your time.
isd student meets with alumnus over video chat

Long-term mentoring

We also offer longer-term mentoring for an in-depth experience for students. We use criteria you provide to make matches with students based on what they’d like from a mentor. You’ll stay in touch with your matched student over the course of 12 weeks, providing them with the advice they might need to get through a semester or navigate their young career.

In order to service virtual mentoring throughout the remainder of winter and summer semesters, we’ll be performing new matches every two weeks. Register for long-term mentoring through University Career Alumni Network.

student meeting with recruiter

Career Panels

Join other alumni and volunteer for panels to answer student questions and offer career management advice.

student speaks to career representative

Design Reviews

See what projects students are working on and give ratings based on content, presentation, and communication of intent. Some design reviews include substantial rewards for students.  Sign-up to volunteer for design reviews.

student presents project at MDP expo

Multidisciplinary Design Program

Every year, the Multidisciplinary Design Program (MDP) welcomes the partnership of 35-40 industry, nonprofit and government organizations that are dedicated to engaging with student engineers. Successful sponsors share a commitment to professional development and are key mentors for our students as they begin the transition from the classroom to their professional career.

Alumni Board

The Michigan Engineering Alumni Board (MEAB) is a 32-member volunteer board serving the College and its alumni by offering knowledge, hands-on service, network connections, passion, and resources in the pursuit of the College of Engineering’s vision and mission. The MEAB is a key driver of alumni engagement and impact for the College’s 90,000+ distinguished alumni community.