Planned Giving

Establish Your Legacy

Michigan Engineering is continually strengthened by the generosity of our dedicated alumni and friends. As you reflect on your own legacy, consider the long-term impact you can have on Michigan Engineering through a planned gift.

Planned gifts can help you take care of yourself and your loved ones while also meeting your philanthropic goals. By making a planned gift to Michigan Engineering, your commitment might be far more meaningful than you ever thought possible.

Gifts through Bequest

A bequest is a simple designation in your will or living trust that specifies a future gift of cash, securities or tangible property to Michigan Engineering.

Charitable Gift Annuity

In exchange for a gift, the University of Michigan agrees to pay a fixed amount each year to one or two beneficiaries (annuitants) for life. When the donor passes, the University receives the gift which benefits a purpose previously determined by the donor.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Irrevocably transfer cash, securities or other property to a trust. Each year, the trust pays a percentage of its value to you and/or other designated individuals. At the end of the trust term, the remainder will benefit Michigan Engineering.

Charitable Lead Trust

Irrevocably transfer cash, securities to a charitable lead trust. U-M receives annual fixed payments from the trust throughout its term. When the trust ends, the remaining assets are distributed to your heirs or others that you designate.

Gifts of Retirement Plans or Life Insurance

A retirement plan can be a tax-efficient and simple way of including Michigan Engineering in your estate plan. Simply name Michigan Engineering as a beneficiary on your plan’s beneficiary designation form.

Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds or real estate

Make an immediate gift by directly transferring stocks, bonds or other securities to the University of Michigan. If you transfer appreciated assets, you will likely avoid capital gains tax.