Aerospace Engineering

block M above the curve of the earth

AERO applies state-of-the-art technologies and the latest research to design the next generation of high performance, efficient air and space transportation.

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Biomedical Engineering

device under microscope with gloved hands

As a hands-on program that combines math, chemistry, physics, biology and medicine, BME innovates the latest techniques in biomedical research and theory.

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Chemical Engineering

tweezers in gloved hands clasp material in petri dish

CHE discovers new, economical ways of using materials and energy for consumer products and artificial materials, all to benefit mankind.

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Civil & Environmental Engineering

close up of suspension bridge

CEE strives to establish a balance between human activities and the environment as it develops and strengthens civil infrastructure.

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Climate & Space Sciences & Engineering

illustration of satellite over hurrican

Bridging engineering and science, CLASP studies space, climate, and planets’ atmospheres while creating relevant space systems and instrumentation.

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Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

close up of laser

EECS explores methods to innovate and improve the functionality of computing, electronic systems and electrical engineering in real-world practices.

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Industrial & Operations Engineering

digital illustration of a human mind

IOE faculty and students create new ways to analyze, design, and optimize all types of systems to improve performance and positively impact the common good.

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Integrative Systems & Design

sensor in lab

ISD integrates systems and design thinking, offering comprehensive, interdisciplinary engineering degrees and short, professional education programs.

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Materials Science & Engineering

inverted block M on disc in lab

MSE faculty design, develop and fabricate novel materials that do not exist in nature for use in wide-ranging applications.

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Mechanical Engineering

small drone pushes against hand

ME serves society through the analysis, design and manufacture of systems which convert a source of energy to useful mechanical work.

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Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

water tank in lab

NAME faculty and students conduct cutting-edge research in robotic remote sensing and mapping of our world’s waterways using autonomous, unmanned vehicles.

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Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

silver cylinder in hands in lab

NERS provides a superior education in nuclear engineering and radiological sciences and develops future leaders in industry, government, and education.

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University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

Autonomous car parked in Mcity

The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) is dedicated to achieving safe and sustainable transportation for a global society. UMTRI is committed to interdisciplinary research that will ultimately increase driving safety and further transportation systems knowledge.

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