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George Blichar

Alumni Engagement Specialist

Michigan Engineering-Advancement
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Recruit Future Wolverines
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Michigan Engineering is always looking for the next generation of Leaders and Best. Hometown Alumni Involvement Link (HAIL) offers alumni several ways to help recruit future Michigan Engineers.


You Can Make a Difference

Your connection to the Michigan Engineering community doesn’t end when you graduate — it expands.

As a Michigan Engineering alum, you’ve gained years of career experience, insight and expertise that no one else can match. That experience is incredibly valuable to our current students, and the Michigan Engineering Alumni Volunteer program gives you the power to share it.

Whether you can spare an hour a week, if you’re on-campus or on the other side of the world, you can meet other alumni, and most importantly, make a difference in the lives of Michigan Engineering students.

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Types of Volunteer Opportunities

  • Mentor students in-person or virtually (view the video)
  • Conducting mock job interviews
  • Offering technical expertise and guidance to student groups or teams
  • Judging and providing feedback on student design projects
  • Sharing your knowledge and experience as a special lecturer
  • Providing helpful feedback on resumés
  • Creating networking opportunities with prospective employers
  • Help students decide their major – participate in career discussion panels

Current Opportunities

  • Michigan Engineering-Wide | 30 Minute Mentoring
  • Department Specific Undergraduate Mentoring
  • Department Specific Graduate Mentoring
  • Design Reviews | Project Judging
  • Major Decisions | Career Panels | Career Fairs
  • Guest Speaking
  • Mentorships  | Ongoing with individual students
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resumé Help
  • Student Groups & Teams
  • Recruit Graduate Students
  • Finding Interns/Hiring
  • Community Outreach Teams
  • Event Support

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