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Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

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Inside the Ford Nuclear Reactor building before the renovation effort began in earnest.Help us to:

  • Educate the next generation of nuclear engineers
  • Designing new safety features for nuclear power plants
  • Help keep the US nuclear fleet operating
  • Explore new medical treatments and approaches to environmental cleanup
  • Improve current nuclear medical treatments and imaging
  • Enhance nuclear security through new radiation imaging devices and forensic techniques
  • Advance basic sciences that make new technologies possible

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One of the department’s biggest projects is the renovation of the Ford Nuclear Reactor building. The reactor shut down in 2003 and has since been decommissioned. The pit where the reactor was once housed is perfect for NERS lab space since the thick walls keep radiation from escaping the building. Above the labs, we plan to build faculty offices.

The department is presently at capacity with regards to both students and faculty, so the project will give NERS more room to grow. The cost of the renovation is estimated at about $11 million, $5 million of which was generously donated by Dr. J. Robert Beyster. Efforts to raise the remaining $6 million are ongoing, with help from donors like you.

Research impact

Research impact

How NERS research makes a difference.

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