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Senior Director, Alumni Engagement

Michigan Engineering

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    Victors for Michigan

    This is our world. What becomes of it is up to us. The world is facing challenges, the likes of which it has never faced before.

    Step forward with us as we strive to create breakthrough engineering solutions. Step forward and become a victor for engineering. Because this is our world - and our world needs victors.

    Victors for Michigan

    Targeted Opportunities for Impact

    Immediate Needs:

    Supporting these resources enables Michigan Engineering to open doors to experiences, opportunities and challenges beyond imagination.

    Together we can change the world. Please give today.

    Why I Give

    “I think it’s good for us, to stay connected. It draws us back to the engineering school, so I think there’s a double benefit there: we’re not only helping kids, but we’re staying connected to U-M Engineering.”

    Ray Pittman BSE ME ’67, MSE ’68