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3-D Printed Orthotics

Mechanical Engineering professor Albert Shih leads a collaboration with U-M clinicians to develop a new, faster way to manufacture custom prosthetics and orthotics.

Thurnau Professorships

Professors Valeria Bertacco and Mark Moldwin are among the six U-M faculty to receive the Thurnau professorship this year – recognizing their contributions and commitment to undergraduate students and learning.

Legacy of Michigan Engineering: 200 Years of Discovery and Achievement

This is a two-minute history lesson that all Michigan Engineers should watch. #Umich200

Innovation is for finishers

While the number of startups that live for four years or more hovers around 50 percent, U-M startups beat these odds with a survival rate above 80 percent.

The original purpose of setting up the company was to keep the team together. They were extraordinary graduate students.”

Zhong He, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Science, U-M