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Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Ellen Arruda, a professor of mechanical engineering, and Mark Daskin, the Clyde W. Johnson Collegiate Professor, receive one of the highest honors bestowed on engineers in the U.S.

The Michigan Engineer News Center

The intersection between engineering, the world and the University of Michigan.

Lecture on Demand

Steve Forrest discusses the advent of a new light source and the coming revolution in displays and lighting in this Distinguished University Professor lecture.

Churning out better futures for Haitians

A young Michigan Engineer quit her six-figure job to open her home country’s first bean-to-bar chocolate factory, but this is not a story about chocolate. It's a story about science, engineering, economics and heart.

The original purpose of setting up the company was to keep the team together. They were extraordinary graduate students.”

Zhong He, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Science, U-M