Admissions Requirements

The University of Michigan is open to prospective students from all walks of life. Our students are a diverse group of individuals with a variety of ideas and goals. Individuals with a passion for learning who are open to new experiences are encouraged to apply to Michigan Engineering to start the next big step of their lives.

Note: You do NOT need to choose an engineering discipline at this time.

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Admission to Michigan Engineering is based on the strength of an applicant’s academic preparation to pursue an engineering degree. The admissions requirements are designed to assure that each student who is accepted has the intellectual capacity combined with the necessary interest and motivation to be successful.

The application review focuses on:

  • The strength of an applicant’s college preparatory background, including the degree of difficulty of courses selected (with special emphasis on mathematics and science)
  • The record of academic achievement
  • Special or unique accomplishments
  • ACT or SAT scores, if available
  • TOEFL, MELAB or IELTS results (for international students)

Decisions are made on an individual basis. Each application receives a holistic, individualized review. No special class rank, grade point average, test score or other qualification by itself will assure admission. In this way, we can look beyond grades and test scores to recruit the most dynamic group of students possible. A wide variety of backgrounds, intellectual passions, and interests make up the typical applicant. What they share is a drive to pursue academic excellence in a challenging and rewarding academic environment.

Review Process

First-year applications are reviewed by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

For the 2020-21 application cycle, we are modifying our admissions process and requirements. Please visit the admissions site for the most up-to-date information about U-M’s application changes.

Michigan Engineering offers an optional alumni interview program called HAIL.

If you are selected to be a part of the alumni interview program, you will receive an email from Michigan Engineering after you have submitted your application. The interviews are by invitation only, and you are automatically considered for an invitation. Please do not call or email the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to request an interview or to find out if you are eligible for an interview. Your application to Michigan Engineering will be considered complete with or without an interview.

HAIL interviews are informational and will not have an impact on your admission to Michigan Engineering. Interviews are not available for every student.

Read more about the selection process.

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