Admissions Requirements

Michigan Engineering welcomes applications from U-M students enrolled in another school or college.

What is a Cross-Campus Student?

A cross-campus student is a student currently enrolled at U-M Ann Arbor who wants to transfer into Michigan Engineering. (NOTE: Current U-M students are considered cross-campus students; however, students attending U-M Flint or U-M Dearborn are considered Transfer Students.)

Cross-Campus transfer students are those who have completed completed college coursework on the Ann Arbor campus only and have not exceeded 55 credit hours, excluding AP/IB credit and the prerequisite courses. If you are over 55 credit hours, you will need to apply for an Exception to College Rules.

If you first attended another college or university after high school, transferred to U-M Ann Arbor and now wish to transfer to Michigan Engineering you may be considered a Combined Cross-Campus applicant. Combined Cross-Campus applicants must meet the Admission Requirements of external transfer students. If you have questions about whether you may be considered a Combined Cross-Campus applicant, please contact the Office of Recruitment and Admissions.


To be competitive for admission, Cross-Campus transfer students must complete the following prerequisite courses, with a minimum GPA. Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA to be considered for admission. Applicants are welcome to apply with courses in progress, but prerequisites must be completed by the requested term of enrollment.

All prerequisites must be taken for a letter grade (C or better) and not taken as Pass/Fail.

At least one math course must be completed on the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor campus.

  • Calculus: MATH 115 and MATH 116
  • Physics: PHY 140 and PHY 141
  • Chemistry: CHEM 130/125L/126L or CHEM 210/211L
  • Computing: ENGR 101 or EECS 183
  • English: Any course satisfying the First Year Writing Requirement (FYWR) for LSA is an acceptable substitution for ENGR 100 for transfer students. A list of available courses that meet the FYWR is available through the LSA Course Guide website LSA Course Guide. Below are some examples:
    • CLCIV 101 or 121
    • COMPLIT 122
    • ENGLISH 124 or 125
    • GTBOOKS 191
    • HISTORY 195
    • LHSP 125
    • RCCORE 100
    • SLAVIC 151
    • HONORS 241.001
    • HONORS 241.020
    • HONORS 240.001

Request an Override for ENGR 101

About Advanced Credit and Prerequisites

If AP credit was awarded for Calculus I or Calculus I & II, completion of one additional math course is required to fully satisfy the Calculus prerequisite requirement. Courses are: MATH 215, MATH 214 (for prospective IOE majors), or MATH 216.

AP credit may satisfy prerequisite requirements for Calculus, Physics and Chemistry, depending on the exam and the score achieved. Please see the AP Guidelines for Michigan Engineering to see credit awarded for each AP exam.

IB and A-level exams may also satisfy prerequisite requirements. Details of transfer credit awarded for IB and A-level exams can be found on the Michigan Engineering Transfer Credit web page.