Apply to Joint Institute

Steps to Apply:

  1. Fill out the online Web Application
  2. Submit additional application materials such as high school transcript, test scores, financial documents, etc.

You must submit your online application and have all required materials in by the deadline, or you will not receive your admissions decision on the scheduled date.

Application Deadlines

  • For application deadlines, please talk to your advisor at the SJTU.
  • Prospective Joint Institute applicants should begin planning to apply no later than fall of sophomore year. You need plenty of time to allow your TOEFL, MELAB or IELTS scores sent to our office. If you think you’ll take English tests more than once, start planning even sooner.

The Paperwork

Application Materials Required

  • The Common Application and U-M Transfer supplement
  • Application fee (NOTE: Students applying as part of the Dual Degree program are eligible for an Application Fee Waiver. A student that is not part of the Dual Degree program is responsible for paying the application fee. To request a Common Application Fee Waiver, during applying on the “Payments” page, choose Payment Method = Other Fee Waiver Request.

Materials to Submit to Liaison

The rest of the required materials should be given to your JI-SJTU liaison, who will send all applicant materials to us:

Test Scores

  • Official results of ACT or SAT test – optional if available, but not required
  • Official TOEFL, MELAB, or IELTS test scores – required for non-native speakers of English
  • AP scores from College Board – if applicable
  • IB transcript from IB Office – if applicable
  • Certified copy of A-level results – if applicable

Transfer Supplement Instructions

  • Engineering students must choose Michigan Engineering in the Plan of Study field.
  • If you would like to indicate optional areas of interest, you can enter them here. The information may be used in the review of your application. These fields are not required.
  • Program of Study is the degree program you are applying for.
  • An uploaded resume is required.
  • College Official’s Report is not required.
  • Instructor Evaluation is not required.
  • Secondary School Report is not required.
  • Mid-Term Report is not required.

Additional Materials Not Required

  • The Common Application College Official’s report
  • The Common Application Instructor Evaluation
  • The Common Application Secondary School Report
  • The Common Application Mid-Term Report
  • Letters of recommendation – accepted, but not required

Choosing a Degree

Before you submit your application, you will need to decide which of the 14 undergraduate degree programs interest you.

See degree options