Prerequisites for SJTU Students

The following JI courses are necessary to satisfy Michigan Engineering admission prerequisite requirements. You must receive a “C” or better in each course, or it will not satisfy prerequisite requirements. Courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis are not transferable to U-M.

  • VV 156 – Applied Calculus II or Vv 186 – Honors Math II
  • VV 255 – Applied Calculus III or Vv 285 – Honors Math III
  • VV 256 -Applied Calculs IV or Vv 286 – Honors Math IV
  • VC 210 – General Chemistry
  • VC 211 – General Chemistry lab
  • VG 100 – Introduction to Engineering
  • VG 101 – Intro to Comp & Programming
  • VP 140 – General Physics I
  • VP 141 – General Physics Lab I
  • VP 240 – General Physics II
  • VP 241 – General Physics Lab II

Department Specific Information

Prospective Industrial Operations Engineering (IOE) majors need a Linear Algebra course equivalent to U-M MATH 214, which is included in the content of the Honors Math sequence. Students must take all three Honors Math courses to receive U-M MATH 214 transfer credit.

Prospective Naval Architecture Marine Engineering (NAME) majors are required to complete the following courses, prior to enrollment at U-M:

  • VM 211 – Intro to Solid Mechanics
  • VM 235 – Thermodynamics

In addition, prospective Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NAME) majors are strongly encouraged to complete the following course, prior to enrollment at U-M:

  • VM 240 – Intro to Dynamics & Vibration

Choosing a Degree

Before you submit your application, you will need to decide which of the 14 undergraduate degree programs interest you.

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