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 ChE Ph.D. student Alex Thompson and ChE Professor Omola Eniola Adefesco perform tests with different forms of drug carriers as part of Eniola Adefeso's lab group in the GG Brown Building on North Campus Ann Arbor, MI on December 17, 2012.

Michigan Engineering's faculty are among the best in the country and they continuously bring new depth to the institution. The College of Engineering boasts over 475 faculty in 12 engineering departments/divisions.

Faculty Profiles

Joerg Lahann

Joerg Lahann

Director of the Biointerfaces Institute

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Michael Atzmon

Sara Pozzi

Leads the Consortium for Verification Technology

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Gary Was

Gary Was

Director of the Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory

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The model of the evolutionary chain in the physical model of the blue PHOLED is intended to represent its ability to live an extended period of time. Photo: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering Communications & Marketing. For SciVal promos.

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Liquid bonding a super plastic



A new 'super plastic' that can direct heat away from its source opens up a wide range of possibilities for making more efficient electronic devices.