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Department News

Linderman wins a Rackham Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award

The award is given annually to faculty members from across the University to recognize mentors of doctoral students who “support their intellectual, creative, scholarly, and professional growth.” 

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'Digital alchemist' seeks rules of emergence

Sharon Glotzer uses computer simulations to study emergence—the phenomenon whereby simple objects give rise to surprising collective behaviors.

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Sharon Glotzer elected MRS Fellow

Sharon Glotzer has been elected a Fellow of the Materials Research Society (MRS).

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Research News

Twisted semiconductors for future moving holograms

Holographic displays need twisted light. Twisted semiconductors assembled with the help of amino acids may enable them.

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Keeping drugs on the job

Drugs taken orally often try to crystallize in the stomach and intestines, which keeps them from reaching the bloodstream. Simulations are helping to solve the problem.

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Most complex nanoparticle crystal ever made by design

Some make crazy crystals by accident. Some make simple crystals by design. But no one who knew what they were doing made something this intricate before.

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