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Research News

A smarter way to design rocket engines that don’t blow up

Exploding rocket engine prototypes date back to the Apollo mission, but computer modeling might just be ready to crack combustion problems wide open.

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Synthetic tooth enamel may lead to more resilient structures

A DARPA project goes paleontological to find a solution for a rigid substance that can defend against vibrations.

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Students embark on 100-year space mission

They’re calling it the first space time capsule. Under the mantle of the University of Michigan’s Bicentennial, a team of students will interview 1,000 members of the U-M community and launch their stories into orbit for 100 years.

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Air, Space and Beyond

Michigan Aerospace research advances important fields.

  • Vehicle Design
  • Propulsion
  • Sensors and Controls

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Our research focuses on:

  • Gas Dynamics
  • Dynamics and Controls
  • Space Systems
  • Structures and Materials

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Faculty News

An ethological approach to SUAVs for first responders

Dr. James Hubbard, Professor, University of Maryland explores a control architecture that allows for human robot interaction that mimics the relationship between a Service Canine and a team of first responders in a large scale disaster scenario.

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The digital industrial revolution in aerospace and propulsion

This presentation will illustrate the framework that makes the Digital Industrial possible in the aircraft engine industry, connecting the dots between sensors, digital twin models, and analytics to provide additional value to the customer.

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U-M named Air Force Research Laboratory Collaborative Center in Aerospace Vehicle Design

A team of researchers led by Michigan Aerospace Professor Joaquim Martins was selected for a highly competitive partnership with the Air Force Research Lab.

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Top Notch Research

Thomson Reuters reports that Michigan Aerospace is at the center of the most impactful aerospace research being done. 

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