Research Assistance

Michigan Engineering Resources

The Michigan Engineering Research Relations Office focuses on developing and expanding research opportunities for faculty with state and federal agencies, corporations, international partners, foundations and cost sharing. In addition, the office promotes the College’s research enterprise through interactions with key agency and legislative personnel. Faculty should contact the Research Relations team to discuss what type of assistance best suits their funding needs.

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University of Michigan Resources

The U-M Office of Research and the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects are the central offices that support U-M’s vast research enterprise. Their websites contain information about a wide array of important topics, ranging from research policies to funding opportunities. Sign up for their RAP/RAPid alert to stay abreast of upcoming funding opportunities and other information.

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The U-M Library

The U-M Library has developed research guides for finding funding, and templates for writing data management plans. Librarians are available to meet with faculty individually to identify the resources that most closely meet their needs.


As an alternative to the traditional year-long government grant review process, MCubed intends to minimize the time between idea conception and successful research results by providing immediate startup funds for interdisciplinary research.

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