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On average, it takes five years to complete a Ph.D. — a period in which accrued expenses can complicate graduate students’ academic careers and cast a long shadow over their financial status for many years to come. However, a typical fellowship covering tuition, health insurance and a portion of living expenses, will free these students from financial burdens and, at the same time, enable them to identify fields of endeavor that fit their particular skills and interests.

Endowed fellowships are also extremely important to Michigan Engineering, providing support to recruit and retain high-potential graduate students through financial resources that enable them to focus on coursework and research.

Michigan Engineering invites individuals, corporations and foundations to invest in the next generation of engineering education and research by making major gifts to establish endowed, named fellowships. Endowed fellowships provide tuition and stipends for graduate students.

Michigan Engineering invites individuals, corporations and foundations to invest in the next generation of engineering education, research and technology transfer by providing resources to establish named endowed professorships.

Corporate Fellowship Support

More and more companies seek talented Master- or PhD-level engineers to address the complexities of their markets.  For companies, this type of partnership offers benefits such as:

Improved recruiting

Providing a fellowship will allow your organization to develop a direct relationship with one or more graduate students. Interactions could include luncheons, internships, research collaborations or mentoring opportunities.


Fellowships exemplify an organization’s commitment to education. Supporting deserving students creates a partnership that is recognized by the student supported, the College and the University.

Increased exposure to faculty

Fellowships provide an excellent opportunity to forge an ongoing relationship with the faculty that advise the students you support.

Types of Fellowship Support

  • Endowed: An endowed fellowship can be established with a gift of $750,000 or more. Funding commitments may be met over a five-year period. An endowed fellowship will exist in perpetuity. The fellowship can carry the name of your organization or another name (e.g., the name of a key employee). Recipients are funded by the endowment earnings.
  • Expendable: An expendable fellowship can be established with gifts of $10,000 or more. Recipients are funded by the gift itself.

Contact Corporate Relations in the Office of Advancement at (734) 647-7080 to discuss how offering fellowship support could benefit your organization and how to get started.

Endowing A Legacy

A gift of $1 million or more will establish an endowed, named fellowship. A fellowship may be named as the donor desires, and recipients will carry that name through graduation. To establish a named fellowship, the donor, Michigan Engineering, and the University sign an agreement specifying the donor’s intent, the gift payment schedule and criteria for selecting recipients.

While unrestricted fellowships are preferred and offer the greatest flexibility to Michigan Engineering, a donor may specify certain preferences for selected award criteria.

For Further Information, Call the Office of Advancement at (734) 647-7042.