Department Chair Administrative Positions

Endowed department chair administrative positions provide leadership resources needed to move Michigan Engineering’s 12 departments/divisions to the next level of quality and acclaim. Such gifts advance departments’ long-term, strategic priorities.

Unlike endowed professorships, these gifts remain with the position, not the holder. A faculty member holding an endowed professorship also may hold an endowed department chair or other endowed administrative position.

Endowing a Legacy

A gift of $2 million, payable over one to five years, will name and endow a department chair. These funds will be used to provide discretionary support, increasing the resources available to the chair to lead the department. Once gift payments total $1 million, the department chair administrative position is available for appointment. To establish a named department chair administrative position, the donor, Michigan Engineering, and the University sign an agreement specifying the donor’s intent, the gift payment schedule and criteria for selecting recipients.

As soon as Michigan Engineering’s 12 departments/divisions have been funded, this gift opportunity no longer will be available.