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Melanie Zauel

Senior Director, Planned Giving & Leadership Gifts

Michigan Engineering
Office of Advancement
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By supporting a specific goal or a Michigan Engineering department, you help create an environment that fosters innovation in the next generation of Michigan Engineers

  • Help attract top faculty and students.
  • Remove barriers for outstanding students with financial need.
  • Ensure Michigan Engineers learn in a world-class setting.

Aerospace Engineering

The oldest program of its kind in the United States, Michigan Aerospace’s undergraduate program ranks second in the nation.

You Can Help

  • Support wind tunnel renovation.
  • Support design-build-fly student projects.

Contact Boyd Falconer


Biomedical Engineering

Combines the best of Michigan Engineering and the Medical School to drive life-saving and life-changing innovation.

You Can Help

  • Support Research Centers of Excellence.
  • Support programs that bring innovation to market.
  • Support master’s program in BME product design and development.

Contact Julie Hood

Chemical Engineering

The largest undergraduate program of its kind in the U.S., housed in shared spaces that encourage interdisciplinary work.

You Can Help

  • Support state-of-the-art student lab upgrades.
  • Endow a seminar.

Contact Mike Drake

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Includes Environmental, sustainability and systems engineering options for graduate students and undergrads.

You Can Help

  • Support Smart Cities Collaboratory.
  • Upgrade water technology lab.
  • Improve lab space and technology (Natural Disaster & Post-Event Response collaboratory, Robotics & Ergonomics collaboratory).

Contact Melanie Zauel

Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

Through science-driven engineering, CLaSP integrates earth and space research, including climate studies, planetary science, instrumentation and large-scale modeling.

You Can Help

  • Support climate science and planetary program endowments.
  • Provide lab equipment and software upgrades.

Contact Melanie Zauel

Computer Science & Engineering

Basic research at the nano-levels to advanced developments at the system level, with many opportunities to launch products.

You Can Help

  • Support Research Institutes (cyber security, medical computing).
  • Help fund student start-up grants.

Contact Judith Moore

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Basic research at the nano-levels to advanced developments at the system level, with many opportunities to launch products.

You Can Help

  • Support recruitment of up-and-coming faculty in mainstream and niche research areas.

Contact Melanie Zauel

Industrial & Operations Engineering

IOE research projects span a wide range of disciplines, with roughly half of IOE students and faculty involved in healthcare engineering. A new three-term master’s program focuses on healthcare challenges.

You Can Help

  • Help strengthen Center for Analytics and Big Data.
  • Support faculty research pilot projects and undergraduate student research.

Contact Melanie Zauel

Materials Science & Engineering

Trains materials engineers and researchers in an environment where they can meet local and global challenges with new knowledge and technology.

You Can Help

  • Help fund undergraduate lab equipment and research.
  • Endow a seminar.

Contact Christine Muchanic

Mechanical Engineering

New three-story research complex is dedicated to research activities at the intersection of mechanical engineering and emerging nano-, micro- and bio-technologies.

You Can Help

  • Support 21st-Century Design and Prototyping Lab.
  • Provide critical equipment for core research labs.

Contact Melanie Zauel

Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

Trains engineers to lead design, engineering, manufacture, and life cycle management of marine vehicles, structures, and systems.

You Can Help

  • Support student groups.
  • Help fund internships in the U.S. and abroad.

Contact John McLaughlin

Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

Michigan leads the nation in this field, helping us detect radiation, contain the spread of nuclear weapons and build safer reactors.

You Can Help

  • Support renovation of the Nuclear Engineering Laboratory.
  • Help the next generation through fellowships & scholarships.

Contact Byron Roberts