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Melanie Zauel

Senior Director, Planned Giving & Leadership Gifts

Michigan Engineering
Office of Advancement
(734) 647-7093

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Meet Your New Robot Butler

Our Efforts

Michigan Robotics is bringing together leaders in the fields of robotics and autonomy, producing robots with unprecedented abilities. These talented faculty will be housed in a building designed for the construction and testing of robots of all stripes.

Research areas include:

  • Walking robots for search and rescue, in-home aid, and prosthetics/exoskeletons
  • Rehabilitation robotics, helping people to recover from physical and neurological injuries
  • Autonomous cars for safer roads
  • Aerial vehicles for safer, more environmentally-responsible infrastructure inspection, surveillance, and package delivery
  • Perception so that robots can see, hear, feel and understand
  • Human-robot interactions, so that humans and robots easily work together
  • Robot ethics, so that robots serve the greater good of humanity

Join Us

  • Bring robotics into the home to help the elderly maintain their independence
  • Speed the arrival of technologies that could make disability a thing of the past
  • Help advance autonomous vehicles that could save tens of thousands of lives each year

Contact John Balbach to talk more about meeting this challenge, (734) 647-7037.

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