The Michigan Engineering Alumni Awards

Michigan Engineering has established a recognition program to honor those alumni who personify the College’s tradition of excellence.  There are four categories of awards presented annually during our homecoming celebration. 

  • The Alumni Medal: Presented to one alumnus/a who has shown extraordinary achievement in their field and brought distinction to Michigan Engineering. It is the highest accolade awarded by the Michigan Engineering Alumni Board. Alumni Medal Nomination Form
  • The Distinguished Alumni Service Award: Presented to one alumnus/a who has generously volunteered service to further College projects and activities. Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form
  • The Outstanding Recent Alumni Award: Recognizing the meritorious contributions by an alum in the early stages of his/her career. Recipients have either graduated from Michigan Engineering within the last ten years or are no more than 35 years old. Recipients are selected based on their demonstrated leadership skills, professional contribution and service to the community or Michigan Engineering. Outstanding Recent Alumni Award Nomination Form
  • The Alumni Merit Awards: Recognizing distinction at the department level, one to be presented from each academic department.  Send an email directly to the associated Department Chair for consideration.  Link to departments page.

Deadline for nominations is April 30th, 2017.

2016 Winners Alumni Award Honorees

Alumni Medal

The Alumni Medal is presented to an individual who has achieved extraordinary success, bringing distinction to the awardee and the College. It is the highest honor awarded by the Michigan Engineering Alumni Board.

2016 Alumni Medal Honoree: Michael Stonebraker

“There’s no better way to get Mike going than to tell him, ‘You can’t do that.’ …One of his great abilities is to imagine something that should exist, ask himself why it doesn’t, and then set his new research goal to be making it happen.” —UC-Berkeley Professor Emeritus Larry Rowe.

Dr. Michael Stonebraker has been called a “serial database genius.” He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering. And in 2015, he won the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) A.M. Turing Award, often referred to as “the Nobel Prize of computing.” In its announcement of his Turing Award (and the Google-funded $1 million prize), ACM noted that Michael “invented many of the concepts that are used in almost all modern database systems … and founded numerous companies successfully commercializing his pioneering database technology work.”

During his 25 years a computer science professor at Berkeley, Michael developed three pioneering prototypes.  He’s credited with helping to create the Big Data industry. He’s the author of numerous research papers on database technology, operating systems and the architecture of system software services. Before open-source was mainstreamed, he was a leader in sharing his research in the public domain, to the benefit of others in the academy. He has been recognized by Computer Reseller News as one of the top five software developers of the century and a member of its Hall of Fame. Michael has created and led nine separate companies including Vertica, which was purchased by Hewlett-Packard in 2011 for $340 million.  

Presently, he is an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at M.I.T.

Distinguished Service Award

The Alumni Distinguished Service Award is presented to an individual who has given generously of time and talent to further College projects and activities.

2016 Distinguished Service Award Honoree: W. David Tarver

David Tarver is a highly successful technological entrepreneur and change agent.

The College and many other organizations have benefited from his innovative thinking and dedicated service. David currently serves as founder and President of the Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative. This afternoon, he wrapped up a successful third annual Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium that convened entrepreneurs and thought leaders in business, academia, community organizations, and government. The emphasis was how to promote and facilitate business innovation that improves the quality of life in urban communities.The location and focus of this year’s symposium was David’s hometown of Flint, Michigan. The College’s Center for Entrepreneurship is a sponsor.

David has been a lecturer in the Center for Entrepreneurship since 2012, and has designed and is teaching the course “Urban Entrepreneurship.” David serves on the Electrical and Computer Engineering Council at the College, and has served on the College’s National Advisory Committee, and the U-M Alumni Association’s board of directors, along with several other civic and nonprofit organization boards. In memory of his father and honor of his mother, David endowed the Fred and Louise Tarver Scholarship Fund at the College, which provides a full four-year tuition scholarship to an incoming engineering student.

After earning two degrees in the College, David began his career at the legendary AT&T Bell Laboratories.  In 1983, he launched—in his basement with two colleagues—Telecom Analysis Systems, Inc., a high-tech telecommunications instrumentation business. He sold that company twelve years later for $30 million. Subsequently, he built a telecommunications business with a market value in excess of $2 billion. In 2012, he published the book Proving Ground: A Memoir, which details his entrepreneurial journey from childhood dream to international success.

Outstanding Recent Alumni Award

The Alumni Recent Engineering Graduate Award is presented to an individual who has contributed substantially to a field within ten years of graduation, or who is 35 years old or younger.

2016 Outstanding Recent Alumni Award Honoree: Kristine Madden

“Nuclear energy is not just a means to produce power, but also a way to eliminate disease and increase standards of living worldwide. That motivates the work I do every day.”

Kristine Madden is a rising star in the domain of nuclear safety, serving since last fall as an officer at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in Vienna, Austria.  She’s serving a two-year appointment in the United Nations’ junior professional officer program. She co‐lead the development and implementation of an emergency response prognosis and assessment tool, resulting from the Fukushima disaster response, to help the Agency independently verify the status of critical systems and emergency classification levels during a nuclear power plant accident.

Kristine is passionate about encouraging young nuclear engineers. Since 2012, she has served in an executive role at the International Youth Nuclear Congress – a global network consisting of representatives from 42 countries that provides a forum for young people in the field of nuclear science and technology. o Also, she is actively involved with the IAEA’s Women in Nuclear and the United Nations Young Generation in Nuclear chapters. A tireless volunteer, she also dedicates time to tutoring inner-city children with dyslexia.

Previously, Kristine worked at Holtec International in both New Jersey and Ukraine. She was also the first woman candidate to attend Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant’s senior reactor operator license class in the plant’s 40+ years of operation.

Department Merit Awards

Aerospace Engineering

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer is Senior Director of Aerodynamics at Pratt & Whitney, a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines and auxiliary power units.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering here in 1992, and her master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut in 2000.


Biomedical Engineering

V. Kadir Kadhiresan

Kadir earned a Master of Science and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, in 1990 and 1993, respectively; a Master of Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University; and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology (REC) in India.

The current Vice President, Venture Investments at Johnson and Johnson Innovation, Kadir has more than a decade of operational experience in various functional roles including research, product development and business development. He is an inventor on more than 40 patents, and has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals. Kadir currently serves on the Department of Biomedical Engineering advisory board.


Chemical Engineering

Warren D. Seider

Warren earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and an MSE and PhD from the University of Michigan. This year he celebrates the 50th anniversary of his PhD.

Currently Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, Warren has been a long time contributor to the fields of process analysis, simulation, design and control. At Penn, he has coordinated the design project course for more than 35 years, involving projects provided by many practicing engineers in the Philadelphia area.


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Carlos F. Daganzo

Carlos earned his Civil Engineering degree at the University of Madrid, and a both Master of Science and PhD in Civil Engineering, in 1973 and 1975, respectively, with a transportation focus, here at the University of Michigan. Carlos is a Chancellor’s Professor of the Graduate School in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.

He is also co-founder, Chairman and Principal Scientist at Via Analytics, a California benefit corporation devoted to improving mobility through technology. Benefit corporations allow corporate officers and directors to take into account the triple bottom line of profit, people, and planet when making business decisions.


Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

Elena Adams

A Systems Engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, Elena earned a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Virginia, and a master’s, PhD and MEng in 2003, 2006 and 2007 respectively, here at the University of Michigan. Elena’s work focuses on space exploration.

She is currently the Principal Investigator for a NASA Homesteader grant for the Planetary Object Geophysical Observer “hopping lander” – coined POGO. POGO is designed for use on small planetary bodies such as comets, asteroids, and small moons. It can provide valuable information about the composition and the surface of small bodies. POGO can land at any latitude, sun or shade, and operate on the surface for around five days.


Computer Science and Engineering

Gregory “Joz” Joswiak

Vice President of Apple Product Marketing, “Joz” earned his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering here in 1986. Joz manages the product marketing and product management team responsible for many of the world’s most-loved products with the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

In an interview Joz once said, “I was able to advance quickly at Apple, in good part because of the preparation I received at Michigan. My engineering degree provided a very good technical foundation, and the scale and culture of Michigan provided numerous opportunities for learning how to work with others and how to make better things happen as a team than you can as an individual.”


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Meera Sampath

Meera earned her PhD here in 1995. Her pioneering research in discrete event systems failure diagnosis earned her the University’s Distinguished Dissertation award and the EECS department’s Distinguished Achievement award. Meera is currently Vice President, Innovation and Business Transformation, at Xerox Services, the Business Process Outsourcing arm of Xerox.

In the summer of 2007, inspired by what she observed during an extended stay in India, she became convinced that a research lab in India would be a great addition to Xerox. Meera was instrumental in driving the creation of the new center, and in 2009, she became the Founding Director of the Xerox Research Center India, the company’s first in the eastern hemisphere.


Industrial and Operations Engineering.

Norman C. Harbert

A well-respected entrepreneur with more than 45 years of manufacturing experience, Norm earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a Master of Science degree in business administration from Case Western Reserve. This year marks Norm’s 60th reunion.

Formerly Chairman Emeritus of the Board and founder of the Hawk Corporation, Norm served as Chairman, President & CEO from 1989 to 1999. Norm is a member of Michigan Engineering’s Victors for Michigan Campaign Committee. Norm has been a featured speaker here on campus at the Center for Entrepreneurship Hour lecture. Thomas Zurbuchen, former Senior Advisor to the Provost for Entrepreneurial Education, and now the head of NASA’s science mission directorate shared: “Where others see challenge, Norm always saw opportunity. The second thing I learned about Norm is his focus on people.”


Integrative Systems + Design

Anna-Maria Rivas McGowan

Anna earned her bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University, a master’s in Aerospace Engineering from Old Dominion University, and two years ago, her PhD in Design Science in Engineering from the University of Michigan.Panos Papalambros, ISD Chair and her PhD advisor shares “I have always learned much from each of my students. In Anna’s case I learned a lot more from her than she ever learned from me.”

Anna is NASA’s Senior Engineer for Complex Systems Design. She leads the Agency’s initiatives to research, develop, and apply interdisciplinary methodologies for designing and engineering systems with multi-faceted complexities. She has more than 24 years experience in a variety of aerospace research and leadership roles.


Materials Science and Engineering

Aaron Crumm

An Ann Arbor energy entrepreneur, Aaron earned his bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering from Purdue University; he earned master’s and PhD degrees here in materials science and engineering, respectively, in 1997 and 2000.

Aaron’s PhD work led to his founding of Ultra Electronics, Adaptive Materials, Inc. (AMI), an alternative energy market leader. Aaron’s simple, yet radical, business proposition was to develop a portable solid oxide fuel cell system that ran off of readily available fuel. Aaron’s work has attracted more than $50 million in contracts to support the growth of AMI.


Mechanical Engineering

J. Karl Hedrick

Karl is celebrating the 50th reunion year of his undergraduate class. He is the James Marshall Wells Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Automatic Control Theory. His research focuses on the application of advanced control theory to a wide variety of vehicle dynamic systems, including automotive, aircraft and ocean vehicles. He is also the Director of Berkeley’s Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory.

His honors include ASME’s 2006 Rufus Oldenburger Medal, which recognizes significant contributions and outstanding achievements in the field of automatic control. Karl was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2014.


Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Rick S. Spaulding

Rick earned his bachelor’s degree in 1983. Currently, he is Vice President, Central Planning and Process Excellence, for Ingalls Shipbuilding. Ingalls is the largest manufacturing employer in Mississippi, and a major contributor to the economic growth of Mississippi and Alabama. The largest supplier of U.S. Navy surface combatants, Ingalls has built nearly 70 percent of the U.S. Navy fleet of warships.

A member of the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering advisory board and strategic planning committee here at Michigan Engineering, Rick is proud of his Michigan ties. Rick is tireless in his support of NAME, including his annual organization of a week-long program for our students to visit the yards and engineers at Ingalls during U-M’s spring break.


Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

Marvin L. Adams

Marvin earned a Bachelor of Science, Nuclear Engineering from Mississippi State University, and both a Master of Science and PhD, in 1984 and 1986, respectively, from the University of Michigan. Department Chair Ron Gilgenbach says: “Professor Adams has made major contributions to computational radiation transport theory, efficient algorithms for massively parallel scientific calculations and quantification of uncertainties in predictive science and engineering.”

The Director of the Institute of National Security Education & Research at Texas A&M University, Marvin is also associated with the Computational Methods Development Group in the Department of Nuclear Engineering. The former Associate Vice President for Research at A&M, he has supervised 19 PhD graduate students and 17 master’s students, and has also served as PI or Co-PI on 32 externally funded research projects with total awards of $114 million.


Past Award Winners

Alumni Medal

  • 2015: Ashraf Dahod (BSE EE ’72)
  • 2014: William K. (Bill) Hall (BSE AERO ’65, MBA ’67, MS ’68, PhD ’69)
  • 2013: Feyyaz Berker (MSE CE ’48) and Ali Nihat Gokyigit (MSE CE ’48)
  • 2012: Wataru Mizumachi (NERS)
  • 2011: Peter S. Fuss (EE)
  • 2010: Harold Sperlich (IOE)
  • 2009: Ernest S. Kuh (EECS)
  • 2008: John Seely Brown (CompSci)
  • 2007: Brigadier General James A. McDivitt (AA)
  • 2006: Arden L. Bement (Metallurgical Eng.)
  • 2005: Donald C. Graham (IOE & ME)
  • 2004: Charles M. Vest (ME)
  • 2003: Eric M Aupperle (EECS, NERS, & AERO)
  • 2002: General Paul J. Kern (ME & CEE)
  • 2001: Irma M. Wyman (EECS)
  • 2000: William N. Joy (EECS)
  • 1999: James R. Mellor (EECS)
  • 1998: John L. Tishman (EECS)
  • 1997: Robert J. Vlasic (IOE)
  • 1996: Jerome L. Goldman (NAME)
  • 1995: Emerson Kampen Kampen (CHEM)
  • 1995: Gordon J. VanWylen (ME)
  • 1994: Tawfiq N. Khoury (CEE)
  • 1993: Willis M. Hawkins (AERO)
  • 1992: Carl A Gerstacker (CHEM)

Distinguished Alumni Service Award

  • 2015: Steve Carnevale (BSE ’78)
  • 2014: Ken Snodgrass (BSME & MSE)
  • 2013: Ann Voshel (CEE)
  • 2012: Marc Weiser (AERO)
  • 2011: Edward Boesiger (ME)
  • 2010: Peter Lederman (CHEM)
  • 2009: Jerry W. Levin (EECS, Math)
  • 2009: Kevin O’Connor (EECS)
  • 2008: Edward Moon (ME)
  • 2007: James Fausone (ENV & AOSS)
  • 2006: Robert D. Scott (EECS)
  • 2005: Raymond Frank Decker (MSE & CHEM)
  • 2004: Charles S. Hutchins (ME)
  • 2003: H. Carl Walker (CEE)
  • 2002: Jon R Holt (IOE)
  • 2001: Robert C. Graham (NAME)
  • 2000: Goff Smith (IOE)
  • 1999: Paul S. Bigby (ME)
  • 1998: Brigadier General James A. McDivitt (AERO)

Outstanding Recent Alumni Award

  • 2015: Garlin Gilchrist II (BSE CompE ’05)
  • 2014: Jon Oberheide (CSE)
  • 2013: Shawn Hunter (ChemE)
  • 2012: Patrick Finn (NAME)
  • 2011: Michael D. Lepech (CEE)
  • 2010: Nick Yang (EECS)
  • 2009: Michael McCorquodale (EECS)
  • 2008: Shawn Ward (ME)
  • 2007: Alan Steremberg (CE)
  • 2006: G. Robert Malan (CS)
  • 2005: Jennifer Rexford (EECS)
  • 2004: Anthony M. Fadell (CS)
  • 2003: Jennifer Starrman Macks (CEE)
  • 2002: Lawrence E. Page (CS)

Alumni Merit Awards

  • 2015: Robert Meyerson (AERO)
  • 2015: Richard (Dick) Wagenmaker (CLaSP)
  • 2015: Dianna Cody (BME)
  • 2015: Laurie Altman (CHEM)
  • 2015: Jeffrey Jozwiak (CEE)
  • 2015: Michael Rhodin (CSE)
  • 2015: Richard Wallace (ECE)
  • 2015: Ryan Pereira (ISD)
  • 2015: Bill Johnson (IOE)
  • 2015: Paul Nuyen (ME)
  • 2015: Donald Nolan (MSE)
  • 2015: Todd Grove (NAME)
  • 2015: Todd Wareing (NERS)
  • 2014: Debra Facktor Lepore (AERO)
  • 2014: Joseph P. Mancewicz (AOSS)
  • 2014: Scott I. Merz (BME)
  • 2014: William A. Wulfsohn (CHEM)
  • 2014: John C. Crittenden (CEE)
  • 2014: Peter K. Lee (CSE)
  • 2014: Babak A. Parviz (ECE)
  • 2014: Panayotis Georgiopoulos (ISD)
  • 2014: Betty P. Chao (IOE)
  • 2014: Carla J. Bailo (ME)
  • 2014: Paul E. Krajewski (MSE)
  • 2014: Robin P. White (NAME)
  • 2014: Paul Fessler (NERS)
  • 2011: Alfred M. Worden (AERO)
  • 2011: Michael S. Halpert (AOSS)
  • 2011: Monique K. Mansoura (BME)
  • 2011: Paul F. Werler (CHEM)
  • 2011: Jennifer Starrman Macks (CEE)
  • 2011: Mark J. Abel (CSE)
  • 2011: Syed B. Ali (ECE)
  • 2011: Ranvir K. Trehan (IOE)
  • 2011: Jan Michelle Santerre (Interdisciplinary)
  • 2011: Dawn A. Bonnell (MSE)
  • 2011: Patrick V. Farrell (ME)
  • 2011: Steven M. Byle (NAME)
  • 2011: John E. Kelly (NERS)
  • 2010: Paul R. Adams (AERO)
  • 2010: Nathan Schwadron (AOSS)
  • 2010: James Pipe (BME)
  • 2010: G. Paul Horst (CHEM)
  • 2010: Khalil Atasi (CEE)
  • 2010: Timothy Howes (CSE)
  • 2010: Frederick Bolander (ECE)
  • 2010: Marlin Thomas (IOE)
  • 2010: Kenneth G. Warner (Interdisciplinary)
  • 2010: Ronald Molitor (ME)
  • 2010: James Speck (MSE)
  • 2010: Jeffrey Geiger (NAME)
  • 2010: Charles Schrock (NERS)
  • 2009: Elmer Gilbert (AERO)
  • 2009: Christopher Bedford (AOSS)
  • 2009: Patrick Crane (BME)
  • 2009: Usama Fayyad (CSE)
  • 2009: Thomas Gougeon (CHEM)
  • 2009: David H. Gustafson (IOE)
  • 2009: Charles Newman (Interdisciplinary)
  • 2009: Nino Masnari (ECE)
  • 2009: Leonard Miller (MSE)
  • 2009: Raymond B. Pittman (ME)
  • 2009: Xin Sun (NAME)
  • 2009: Kristine Svinicki (NERS)
  • 2008: Kedrick D. Adkins, Jr. (IOE)
  • 2008: James W. Albers (BME)
  • 2008: Randal E. Bryant (CSE)
  • 2008: Kevin Hann Chang (MSE)
  • 2008: David E. Cole (ME)
  • 2008: Don Cook (NERS)
  • 2008: Diane T. Finegood (CHEM)
  • 2008: Mehdi Hatamian (ECE)
  • 2008: Brian G. Heikes (AOSS)
  • 2008: Bruce S. Rosenblatt (NAME)
  • 2008: Frank M. Transue (CEE)
  • 2008: Dick Yeung (AERO)
  • 2007: Karen Albrecht (AERO)
  • 2007: Spencer Bement (BIO)
  • 2007: Harry Benford (NAME)
  • 2007: Nancy Benovich Gilby (CSE)
  • 2007: Lee Boysel (EECS)
  • 2007: Keith Cooley (NERS)
  • 2007: Bruce Dorfman (CEE)
  • 2007: Jody Hall (MSE)
  • 2007: Richard Heglin (ME)
  • 2007: Greg Jenkins (AOSS)
  • 2007: Mary Petrovich (IOE)
  • 2007: James Street (CHEM)
  • 2006: Robert L. Bratzler (CHEM)
  • 2006: Won Suk Cho (MSE)
  • 2006: George I. Haddad (EE)
  • 2006: Richard J. Haller (CEE)
  • 2006: Wallace J. Hopp (IOE)
  • 2006: John G. LaFond (AERO)
  • 2006: Thomas P. Mackey (NAME)
  • 2006: Jeff Masters (AOSS)
  • 2006: Chang Kue Park (NERS)
  • 2006: Daniel P. Siewiorek (CS)
  • 2006: Mark Sutter (BIO)
  • 2006: Raymond Wilcox (ME)
  • 2005: Nikolas A. Bletsos (AERO)
  • 2005: Richard, Jr. Broad (NAME)
  • 2005: Lawrence D. Burns (IOE)
  • 2005: Doris E. Engibous (CHEM)
  • 2005: Thomas Frederick Knoll (NERS)
  • 2005: Frederick J. Leonberger (EE)
  • 2005: Timothy M. Manganello (ME)
  • 2005: Thomas Newhof (CEE)
  • 2005: Robert D. Pehlke (MSE)
  • 2005: John W. Sanguinetti (CS)
  • 2005: Jeffrey P. Thayer (AOSS)
  • 2005: Gregg E. Trahey (BIO)
  • 2004: Karl G. Bartscht (IOE)
  • 2004: David Johns DeWitt (CS)
  • 2004: William W. Graessley (CHEM)
  • 2004: Marshall G. Jones (ME)
  • 2004: John R Keough (MSE)
  • 2004: Thomas Alan Mehlhorn (NERS)
  • 2004: Martin G. Mlynczak (AOSS)
  • 2004: Robert G. Radwin (BIO)
  • 2004: Lester Rosenblatt (NAME)
  • 2004: Kenneth H. Stokoe (CEE)
  • 2004: Jack L. Walker (EE)
  • 2004: Charla Ann (Kamm) Wise (AERO)
  • 2003: John W. Collins (ME)
  • 2003: Joel S. Levine (AOSS)
  • 2003: Arthur S. Nicholas (CHEM)
  • 2003: Robert J. Patton (AERO)
  • 2003: W. Peter Cherry (IOE)
  • 2003: Walden C. Rhines (MSE)
  • 2003: Michael R. Stonebraker (CS)
  • 2003: Robert J. Trew (EE)
  • 2003: Paul J. Turinsky (NERS)
  • 2003: Paris Genalis (NAME)
  • 2003: Burks Oakley (BIO)
  • 2003: Gui Ponce de Leon (CEE)
  • 2002: Claudia J. Alexander (AOSS)
  • 2002: Thomas E. Brady (MSE)
  • 2002: Stuart W. Churchill (CHEM)
  • 2002: Stephen C. De Brock (AERO)
  • 2002: Paul L. Freedman (CEE)
  • 2002: Steven A. Goldstein (BIO)
  • 2002: Ernest K. Jacquet (NAME)
  • 2002: Michael E. Korybalski (ME)
  • 2002: Ellen M. Leonard (NERS)
  • 2002: Erhan Cinlar (IOE)
  • 2002: Kevin O’Connor (CS)
  • 2002: Robin Arthur Rutenbar (EE)
  • 2001: John M. Carpenter (NERS)
  • 2001: Tenho .S Connable (CHEM)
  • 2001: Richard L. Crandall (EE)
  • 2001: Leo J. Donner (AOSS)
  • 2001: Ray W. Judson (CEE)
  • 2001: Roger W. Kallock (IOE)
  • 2001: Hun C. Kim (NAME)
  • 2001: Jack R. Lousma (AERO)
  • 2001: Bruce E. Nourse (CS)
  • 2001: David A. Vogel (BIO)
  • 2001: Christopher Dingell (MSE)
  • 2001: Wen-Ying Tsai (ME)
  • 2000: John E. Cashman (AERO)
  • 2000: Fred M. Gibbons (EECS)
  • 2000: Kenneth A. Jones (NERS)
  • 2000: John A. Muckstadt (IOE)
  • 2000: Alfred L. Nuttall (BIO)
  • 2000: Charles R. O’Melia (CEE)
  • 2000: Max E. Pettibone (CHEM)
  • 2000: Anne P. Rowe (MSE)
  • 2000: Edward L. Shearer (NAME)
  • 2000: Stanley C. Solomon (AOSS)
  • 2000: Charles M. Vest (ME)
  • 1999: Robert M. Brown (IOE)
  • 1999: Lawrence B. Evans (CHEM)
  • 1999: James A. Fici (NERS)
  • 1999: Robert A. Fuhrman (AERO)
  • 1999: Frank J. Iarossi (NAME)
  • 1999: Gloria J. Jeff (CEE)
  • 1999: Ernest O. Kirkendall (MSE)
  • 1999: Bernard J. Lacroute (EECS)
  • 1999: Gregg K. McPherson (BIO)
  • 1999: Robert H. Transou (ME)
  • 1999: Joseph J. Tribbia (AOSS)
  • 1998: Manuel L del Valle (CHEM)
  • 1998: Vincent P. Drnevich (CEE)
  • 1998: Arnold J. Galloway (AERO)
  • 1998: Vincent T. Gorguze (MSE)
  • 1998: William J. Heetderks (BIO)
  • 1998: Robert E. Kramek (NAME)
  • 1998: Jerry W. Levin (EECS)
  • 1998: Ralph E. Reins (IOE)
  • 1998: M. John Robinson (NERS)
  • 1998: Ward O. Winer (ME)
  • 1998: Jeng-Hwa Yee (AOSS)
  • 1997: Clement R. Arrison (EECS)
  • 1997: Louis H.T. Dehmlow (CHEM)
  • 1997: Dean K. Hanink (MSE)
  • 1997: Robert L. Hirsch (NERS)
  • 1997: James W. Hubbell (CEE)
  • 1997: Walter H. Olson (BIO)
  • 1997: G. Keith Richey (AERO)
  • 1997: James M. Russell (AOSS)
  • 1997: William P. Sommers (ME)
  • 1997: Philip Field Spaulding (NAME)
  • 1997: John E. Utley (IOE)
  • 1996: Richard A. Auhll (AERO)
  • 1996: James D. Engels (IOE)
  • 1996: Charles S. Hutchins (ME)
  • 1996: Thomas M. Keinath (CEE)
  • 1996: Peter B. Lederman (CHEM)
  • 1996: David E. Liddle (EECS)
  • 1996: Thomas D. Ryan (NERS)
  • 1996: Peter G. Schmidt (NAME)
  • 1996: Theo F. Sharp (MSE)
  • 1996: Jack H. Waite (AOSS)
  • 1995: Eugene W. Bierly (AOSS)
  • 1995: David C. Breiholz (CEE)
  • 1995: Jere H. Brophy (MSE)
  • 1995: Peter S. Fuss (EECS)
  • 1995: James F. Goodrich (NAME)
  • 1995: Carroll J. Haas (ME)
  • 1995: Ieum Ieumwananontha (CHEM)
  • 1995: C. Robert Kidder (IOE)
  • 1995: George M. Skurla (AERO)
  • 1995: Robert B. Stephenson (NERS)
  • 1994: Curtis E. Bottum, Jr (CEE)
  • 1994: Frederick W. Buckman (NERS)
  • 1994: John C. Couch (NAME)
  • 1994: Raymond F. Decker (MSE)
  • 1994: Gerald J. Keeler (AOSS)
  • 1994: Myun W. Lee (IOE)
  • 1994: Roger L. McCarthy (ME)
  • 1994: David G Messerschmitt (EECS)
  • 1994: John D. Warner (AERO)
  • 1994: J. Louis York (CHEM)
  • 1993: Arden L. Bement (MS)
  • 1993: Robert J. Buckler (ME)
  • 1993: Samuel H. Fuller (EECS)
  • 1993: Jerome L. Goldman (NAME)
  • 1993: Philip G. Hall (CEE)
  • 1993: Richard C. Jelinek (IOE)
  • 1993: George Pilko (CHEM)
  • 1993: Raymond G. Roble (AOSS)
  • 1993: Hans Weichsel (AERO)
  • 1993: Sidney Yip (NERS)
  • 1992: Richard E. Balzhiser (CHEM)
  • 1992: Donald N. Frey (MSE)
  • 1992: Willis M. Hawkins (AERO)
  • 1992: Roger A. Heimbuch (ME)
  • 1992: Thom J. Hodgson (IOE)
  • 1992: James F. Kasting (AOSS)
  • 1992: Raymond Pearlson (NAME)
  • 1992: Joseph E. Rowe (EECS)
  • 1992: John F. Ullrich (NERS)
  • 1992: H. Carl Walker (CEE)