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Sandra Hines

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Michigan Engineering Alumni Board

About the Board

The Michigan Engineering Alumni Board (MEAB) serves the College of Engineering and its alumni by offering knowledge, hands-on service, network connections, passion and resources in the pursuit of the College of Engineering’s vision and mission. The College of Engineering will achieve its Great to Best/Michigan Engineering 2020 elevation by transforming its research enterprise, educational programs, and culture. A critical constituency in these efforts will be the College’s 85,000+ distinguished alumni community. The MEAB will be the key driver of alumni engagement and impact. Board members cover their own travel expenses for meetings; these travel expenses are tax-deductible as a service to the University of Michigan.  Please talk to your tax adviser on where/ how to include these expenses in your tax return.


MEAB Leadership 2018-2020

  • Chair, Lydia Lavigne
  • Vice-Chair, Laura Wojcik
  • Secretary, Steve Christensen

Current Subcommittees and Goals

Membership | Subcommittee Chair – Sakib Elahi
The goal of the Membership Committee is to facilitate the nomination, selection, onboarding and off-boarding process of Board members. This group will help to ensure the Board represents the entire alumni body and is actively engaged.

Department Promotion | Subcommittee Chair – Grace Hsia
The goal of this committee is to help students make informed decisions when declaring their majors. To that end, the committee will support the many initiatives currently underway at the College of Engineering to educate undeclared students about each of the departments.  

Student-to-Alumni Transition | Subcommittee Chair – Nick Hunter
This committee’s goal is to aid the transition from the College of Engineering student to alumnus/alumna. The committee will work with current students to create and implement a plan for students throughout their undergraduate degree.  It will work to inform students about: the College of Engineering’s vast alumni network, ways to tap into that network as a student, how to stay in touch with the College upon graduation, and how to interact with and support the College as alumni.

Strategic Planning | Subcommittee Chair – Lydia Lavigne (MEAB Chair)
This committee’s goal is to integrate the MEAB’s work into the College’s visions and mission and to sustain that focus at all times.

Alumni Awards | Subcommittee Co-chairs – Ken Snodgrass and Laura Wojcik
This committee’s goal is to recognize outstanding alumni achievement. Early each calendar year, the committee will oversee the advertising for nominations, process for collecting and reviewing nominations, and preparations needed for the awards ceremony.

Student Organizations & Resources | Subcommittee Chair – Stephanie Gowell
The Student Organizations & Resources Committee’s goal is to provide assistance to student organizations and to promote engagement between the College of Engineering alumni and engineering student organizations.

Interested in Becoming a Board Member?

If you’re interested in joining the Alumni Board (or would like to nominate a fellow alumnus) here’s what you need to do:

  1. Submit your name and resume to Sakib Elahi, Chair of the Membership Subcommittee, at
  2. The Nominations Committee reviews candidates and makes recommendations based on the current needs of the board.
  3. Board member candidates are presented by the Nominations Committee at the Annual Board Meeting during Homecoming Weekend in October.
  4. Members are elected at the Annual Meeting for a three-year term.
  5. Newly-elected Board members receive a welcome letter with board meeting dates and additional board information.
  6. The full board meets face to face in the spring and fall.  Subcommittees meet via regularly scheduled teleconferences.