Transfer Credit

New Transfer Students

Transfer Credit Equivalencies: You can use our Course Equivalency Database to determine the transfer credit you will receive from courses taken at your current school.

  • Courses not included in the Course Equivalency Database will be evaluated during the review of your application.
  • We are not able to pre-approve courses not listed on the database for current or prospective transfer applicants.
  • Prospective transfer applicants should not complete the Transfer Credit Approval Form. The form is only for current, enrolled U-M students wishing to take a course at another institution.

Other transfer credit: Transfer credit for AP, IB, A-level exams will be awarded for transfer students on the same basis as incoming first-year students.

Guidelines for Transfer Credit

  • Grade requirements: Courses must be taken on a graded basis, with a “C” or better. Grades will not be transferred.
  • Processing time: Transfer credit is processed after your Enrollment Deposit is received. It takes 4-6 weeks after we receive the Enrollment Deposit for your transfer credit to be awarded. The notice of transfer credit awarded will be sent to your U-M email account.
  • Residency Requirements: Admitted Engineering students must complete at least 50 credit hours of coursework on the U-M Ann Arbor campus, and complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of advanced (300-level or higher) technical courses as required by the degree program, while enrolled in Michigan Engineering. The Michigan Engineering Bulletin describes this requirement.
  • Online/Distance Learning Coursework: Online course credit is limited to a maximum of 12 credit hours per student.
  • Pass/Fail: Transfer credit is not awarded for courses taken Pass/Fail.
  • Credit by Exam: Transfer credit is not awarded for placement exams administered at other institutions.
  • Transfer Credit Summary: When we email your summary, it will show which courses will transfer and which will need evaluation.