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U-M's Go Blue Guarantee gives free tuition to students who come from low-income families.

Prepare for Michigan

We’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for guidance on what to do while in school, how to navigate the application process or how to afford the tuition, Michigan Engineering has the resources to help you prepare, plan and apply for your future.

Trying to focus on friends, activities and academics, while also keeping an eye towards the future, can be tricky for some. If you’re wondering what you can do now – or what Michigan Engineering is looking for in prospective students – read on.


It’s important to balance your schoolwork with activities that showcase your passions and leadership ability.

  • Engage in something creative. Participate in any activity that allows you to express your imagination. Stretch your skills by trying your hand at the painting, the writing club or constructing sets for your school play. Or showcase your skills by pursuing robotics or the science Olympiad.
  • Extracurriculars aren’t like Pokémon; you don’t have to collect them all! Instead, focus on one or two that you’re really passionate about and participate as deeply as possible. The point is to do something that engages you, not amass a resume you think will be super impressive to admissions.
  • Develop leadership skills. Apply to be your group’s president, treasurer or secretary. Or start your own student organization. Take the initiative and begin your journey as a leader and one of the best.
  • Have a job that doesn’t allow much time for anything else? Think of a way that your work fits into larger academic goals. You can put work experience on your application, too.
  • Attend summer camps. Summer is the perfect time to branch out and explore the world around you. You can get a feel for potential research and study abroad opportunities that Michigan Engineering offers with summer camps offered by the university, or find your own opportunity.


Every bit of work you do in your community, however small, impacts the world and makes a difference for the better. Showcase your commitment to making that difference.

  • Involve yourself in your community; take advantage of local opportunities to create, grow and improve the world around you. Participate in any sort of community service, whether it’s a large organization or simply volunteering time at your local youth center. And if you see a need that hasn’t been filled yet, take action!
  • Branch out. If you have one cause that you’re extremely passionate about that you focus on for four years, that’s fantastic. But if you go around spending time with four different programs, that’s great too. Helping more people is always encouraged!


You’ve probably thought: “wait, the average GPA / ACT / SAT is what?” We’re here to tell you to take a deep breath, read on, and keep these words in mind when you start stressing about grades.

  • Be balanced. Academics are important, and GPA is crucial. But don’t focus on academics to the detriment of extracurriculars, or vice versa. They should enrich one another, not keep you up at night. Even wolverines have to sleep sometimes.
  • If you’re in high school, study for standardized tests. Starting early and taking even fifteen minutes a day to run vocabulary or take a practice test can make a huge difference. Find tips to help you prepare for the ACT and SAT.

Prepare your Application

Applying to Michigan


The University of Michigan is open to prospective students from all walks of life — whether you’re coming straight from high school, transferring from another college or even from another country.

  • Which application? If you are a student who hasn’t yet attended any institute of higher learning post-high school, you should apply for first-year admission. If you are currently attending a community college, two- or four-year college or university, apply for a transfer; if you intend on transferring from another college within the University of Michigan, apply for a cross-campus transfer.
  • Apply early. The best advice we can give you is to get your application in before the deadline. It not only gives us time to respond to your questions during the process, you’ll be in a great position for scholarships… and a huge weight will be off your shoulders.
  • Check your facts. Visit the links below, and jot down any important information like requirements and deadlines. Don’t let anything sneak up on you at the last minute!
  • Application Information Links


It’s no secret that college isn’t cheap. But the affordability of a college education can be a real factor in your decision-making process. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind when considering applying to a school:

  • Don’t shut the door on your own education. Do not assume that you will not be able to afford the education you want, and don’t limit your options because of money. Go ahead and apply, and wait until later to start worrying about the details.
  • Apply early to get the best consideration. Applying right away for admission and financial aid consideration will give you the best chance at landing a competitive scholarship.
  • Go for it all. $500 may not sound like much, but that small private scholarship just covered your books for the semester or bought you that hand-held tablet for note-taking. Every dollar counts, so apply for all opportunities – big and small.
  • The Michigan guarantee. The University of Michigan guarantees to cover any of the unmet needs of in-state students, but students are encouraged to seek out individual and private scholarships to help out.
  • Financial Aid Information Links

Explore Financial Aid

  • You’re more than a GPA. It’s normal for you to stress about test scores and GPA, but that’s only one facet of what the admissions office considers. To make a decision, we also take your curriculum, leadership, community service, personal essays and recommendation letters strongly into consideration.
  • Apply, wherever you are in life. Whether you’re attending right after high school or transferring from another college, the University of Michigan is open to your application.
  • Join a legacy of culture and diversity. The University offers opportunities to everyone, from all walks of life and backgrounds. Surrounded by acceptance, friendship and support, anyone can find a home here.
  • Enjoy access to globally renowned facilities. Easy access to applications is only one facet of the University’s accessibility. Once you’re here, you’ll be able to tap into more resources than you’ll be able to use, from 19 different colleges to state-of-the-art labs.
  • Accessibility Information Links