Cross-Campus Students


You have been selected to be one of the leaders and best, and to help forge the future with breakthrough engineering. As Michigan Engineers, we are prepared to step up and tackle the world’s greatest challenges.

Leadership for the Common Good

Come, be a victor for engineering. Step forward with us as we strive to create breakthrough engineering solutions. Because this is our world – and our world needs victors.


You can accept your offer of admission to Michigan Engineering online by logging into Wolverine Access, and selecting the Application Decision tab. Click on “Respond Now” button, and follow the steps to complete your acceptance. If you have trouble accepting your admissions offer, contact us at (734) 647-7101 or

Orientation and Advising

You will receive an invitation to attend Transfer Orientation after you’ve accepted your offer of admission. Cross-Campus students are not required to attend Transfer Orientation. However, attending Transfer Orientation gives you the opportunity to meet with your engineering program advisor and register for classes at that time.


As an admitted Cross-campus student, you’ll need to enroll in classes in Michigan Engineering.

If you’ve already registered for classes as an LS&A student, you will need to re-register as a Michigan Engineering student. Don’t worry, you will not lose your schedule or your spot in a class. To re-register, take your U-M ID card to the Student Services section of the Office of the Registrar, which is located in the LS&A building on the first floor.

Let the Registrar’s office know that you are admitted to Michigan Engineering, but already registered as an LS&A student. The Registrar’s office will re-register you as a Michigan Engineering student and you won’t lose your spot. It is recommended to complete this process as soon as you accept the offer of admission.

See more about registering as a Cross-Campus Michigan Engineering student