The Leinweber Software Scholars Program Fund

About the Fund

Larry D. Leinweber and his family established the Leinweber Fund in 2013 to support the growth of the software industry in the State of Michigan.

The Fund will be used to establish the Leinweber Software Scholars Program. The Program will provide scholarships to meritorious undergraduate students at Michigan Engineering and also create a society of Computer Science and Engineering “software” scholars at U-M.

The Leinweber Software Scholars Society, comprised of students receiving support through The Fund, will connect the Leinweber Software Scholars to each other, the larger University community and the Leinweber family.

“I am motivated to give back and help students in Michigan to become successful and to share that success with our broader community.”

– Larry D. Leinweber

Scholarship Administration

The Leinweber Software Scholarship is administered by the dean of Michigan Engineering. It is awarded to promising students majoring in Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan Engineering for academic achievement.

Criteria for Eligibility

  • Second-year undergraduate students in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Meet current requirements for Michigan residency status
  • Maintain an annual grade-point average of 3.0 or higher

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