Financial Aid

Financial aid is a cornerstone of your college experience — no matter what form it comes in. Whether it’s scholarships, grants or connecting students to federal aid, Michigan Engineering has numerous resources and ways to help eligible students and their families. (Note: International students on temporary visas are not eligible for financial aid.)

To determine your eligibility for need-based aid, you need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the College Scholarship Service Profile (CSS PROFILE). You should start this paperwork as soon as possible, well before you’ve received your admissions decision.

Financial Aid Dates

  • Starting Oct. 1: Fill out the CSS/Financial Aid Profile. (Due April 30)
  • Starting Oct. 1: Fill out the FAFSA. (Early Deadline Feb. 15. Final: April 30)
  • April 15: Scholarship status notifications made by this date
  • April 30: FAFSA and CSS/Financial Aid needed to be considered for financial aid
  • May 1: Enrollment Deposit Due

Aid Resources

Michigan Engineering looks at your specific qualities and needs to see if you qualify for available scholarships and programs.

Financial Aid Advice

  • Apply early to get the best consideration. Applying right away for financial aid consideration will give you the best chance at landing a competitive scholarship.
  • Consider the full Cost of Attendance. This is the estimated cost of completing a year (two semesters) of full-time attendance at U-M. This generally includes tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies and personal and miscellaneous expenses, including the cost of a computer. The Office of Financial Aid uses these costs to develop standard student budgets for awarding financial aid funds.
  • Aid is growing faster than tuition. Over the last five years, the U-M has seen as 10.1% increase in financial aid awards, compared to a 4.5% increase in tuition. The typical U-M resident student receives almost $11,000 in financial aid. View this infographic for more information.


At Michigan Engineering, all new students, including transfer students, are considered for merit-based scholarships after formal admittance into the University. New students are also eligible to apply for the specialized engineering scholarships, so there are many opportunities to find help.

Scholarship Advice

  • Go for it all. $500 may not sound like much, but that small private scholarship could cover your books for the semester or buy that hand-held tablet for note taking. Every dollar counts, so apply for all opportunities — big and small.
  • The Michigan guarantee. The University of Michigan Office of Financial Aid guarantees to cover any of the unmet needs of in-state students, but students are encouraged to seek out individual and private scholarships to help out.
  • Start your search early. Most applications for scholarships have deadlines that are almost one year before the actual scholarship will be awarded and used at a university.

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