Advanced Placement

Information for incoming Michigan Engineering students about advanced placement exams and AP credit.

Engineering Advising top

Prior to Orientation, you will complete the online math and chemistry placement exams. You will also have the option of taking a foreign language placement exam. It’s important that you take the placement exams and try and do as well as possible. In some cases, doing well on the U-M Placement Exam will exempt you from a course or a requirement or give you the opportunity to earn additional credits.

Go to the Engineering Advising Center website for more information.

Chemistry Placement top

The Chemistry Placement Exam is required for all engineering students and will either recommend that you start with Chemistry 130 (General Chemistry) or Chemistry 210 (Organic Chemistry). Your placement is determined not only by your Chemistry Exam score but also your Math placement and your SAT or ACT Math scores.

The majority of students are recommended for Chem 130. Lecture section 400 of Chem 130 is a smaller lecture section with an extra hour of class designed for students who might be coming with a little less preparation. All engineering students are required to take a chemistry course. Some students will be required to take Chemistry 210/211 depending on the program they are planning on declaring in.

All engineering students are required to take a minimum of one semester of chemistry lab, regardless of whether they had one in high school, unless they received a score of 4 on the Chemistry AP exam, received A-levels or IB credit, or have transfer credit from another institution.

If you are thinking about a career in Health Sciences (medical or dental school for example) you will need to speak further with your advisor about the best Chemistry course for you to enroll in.

NOTE: Chemistry placement scores do NOT grant you credit towards a program.

Math Placement top

All engineering students are required to complete the online math placement exam prior to Orientation. You can access the Math Placement Exam here. The Math Placement Exam will recommend that you either start with Math 105 (Data, Functions, and Graphs) or a Calculus class which is most often Math 115 (Calculus 1).

Your placement is determined not only by your Math Exam score but also your SAT or ACT math scores and your high school grade point average. Math 105 is a preparatory class for UM Calculus. You may be strongly recommended for Math 105 or tentatively recommended. If you are recommended for Math 105, your chances of success in Calculus without taking Math 105 are extremely low. You may also be strongly recommended for Math 115 or tentatively recommended.

In all cases, a Math advisor will be available during Orientation for consultation. If you have AP credit for calculus courses, you may be able to move on to the next required math class in the sequence.

NOTE: The math placement exam does NOT grant credit for any math courses.

Language Placement top

It is possible to earn credit based on the results of the foreign language placement exam. Therefore, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE students to take the appropriate language placement exam. If you are interested in taking the Spanish placement exam you may access it online before orientation.

The following language placement exams are given during Orientation: French, Italian, German, Latin, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. If you have previously studied any of these languages, you should take the placement exam. If you know a language other than these, ask your advisor about taking a placement exam in the Fall. Michigan Engineering does not have a language requirement although, you may receive credit towards your Intellectual Breadth or General Elective requirements.

AP Guidelines top

Make sure to discuss your AP exams with your advisor during orientation.

AP Guidelines