Student Advisory Board

The College of Engineering’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Student Advisory Board is composed of a group of excited and engaged undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of backgrounds, departments, and class years. Championed by Lyonel Milton at the Center for Engineering Diversity & Outreach and Jeanne Murabito at the Office of Student Affairs, it is coordinated by Blaire Tinker, Program Manager for Student Support & Development. The SAB was designed to gather student feedback on the College’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan and develop ideas that will make the College of Engineering a more inclusive place for all students to live, learn, and grow.

The SAB welcomes input from the Engineering community. If you have any questions, concerns, stories, or praises related to diversity, equity, or inclusion in the Engineering community, please feel free to either email or fill out this anonymous Google Form.


Muhammad Abdullah
PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering


Muhammad Abdullah


“I joined to be actively taking part and providing my insight and suggestions in developing policies and designing programs related to DEI.”

Tiwalola Akin-Bello
First Year Undergraduate, Undecided


Tiwalola Akin Bello


“I joined because I want to be part of the process that actively works on diversity, equity and inclusion rather than just encouraging it. I want to give my input on what we, as a university, can do better for everyone and to bring ideas to the CoE community that everyone feels included and heard.”

Aditya Auradker
Master’s Student, Integrative Systems + Design


michigan engineering logo


“I believe that multiculturalism and pluralism is the bedrock of a thriving knowledge ecosystem where exchange and transformation can happen in a seamless manner. I joined to contribute to the larger sense of brotherhood and peaceful coexistence, and to learn the newer aspects of different cultures, practices, and make new friends for a lifetime.”

Mitchell Bieniek
PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering


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“I am currently a co-chair of ESG’s DEI committee. I believe there is a lot of potential synergy between the SAB and the ESG committee, especially for identifying opportunities for events and other activities that could be (co-)hosted by ESG.”

Shannon Clancy
PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering



Shannon Clancy


“I want to be apart of the decision making process in order to shape what DEI looks like on the day to day level for our students. Being a first year PhD candidate, I have a different perspective than students who have been here for the last 3 or 4 years and I want to learn the ways DEI helps our engineering community while determining new ways to serve it to the best of my ability. “

Jumanah Colvin
Senior Undergraduate, Computer Science and Engineering



“I wanted to be a part of a space that works toward helping others and to make the a more inclusive climate at the College of Engineering. I want there to be a time where there is no longer an urge for diversity, it would instead just be the ‘norm’ to have an environment rich with culture.”

Ishita Goswami
First Year Undergraduate, Computer Engineering


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“I joined to help make the College of Engineering more inclusive for all. I want to become a link between those who live around me and those that can help them.”

Victoria Guzman
Second Year Undergraduate, Chemical Engineering



“I joined the Student Advisory Board to have a better idea of what diversity and inclusion means for students, and to help the University facilitate a community of respect and understanding.”

Jordon Horton
Second Year Undergraduate, Environmental Engineering


jordon horton


“I joined because being on the DEI SAB would allow me to have a much wider scope on campus geared toward DEI topics.”

Will LePage
Post-Doc, Mechanical Engineering


Will LePage


“I am eager to join the Board because I want to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in our U-M community. With so many tragedies recently that have exposed terrible divisions and injustices, I have resolved to make a difference for our future and have decided to make a change and become an active advocate for DEI.”

Gerardo Longoria
Senior Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering

Gerardo Longoria


“I want to learn more about the COE’s goal of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and to provide input on how to help incoming freshmen who may be feeling left out. I am a first-generation, minority, and community college transfer student myself.”

Weronika Myslak
Third Year Undergraduate, Civil Engineering



“I joined the Student Advisory Board because I love to work with people from different backgrounds and as a woman in a male-dominated field, I understand the importance of feeling welcome on campus.”

Alondra Ortiz Ortiz
PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering


Alondra Ortiz Ortiz


“I want to develop my skills as a leader and as a member of the community and contribute to the well-being of others. I want to be the voice of those that are afraid of speak and raise their voice.”

Margaret Perr'tiangha
Second Year Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering


michigan engineering logo


“I joined to be a part of making people feel welcome and capable, the same way that five years ago other people made me feel when I just got here. I wanted to help students feel accepted and valued, and feel like more than just a statistic or a quota. And I want to help make the school feel more inclusive and welcoming for future admitted students.”

Vyas Ramasubramani
PhD Student, Chemical Engineering


Vyas Ramasubramani


“I joined because I want to be involved at a higher level where I can work on actually planning how the College’s DEI goals can be addressed and to be involved more actively at the planning stage for active implementation of DEI-related plans.”

Agnes Resto
PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering


agnes resto


“My experiences growing up have been very different from the ones of other minority students I’ve met at the University of Michigan. Because of this, I feel like I sometimes don’t understand their mindset and struggles. I joined to share my perspective and to learn about the perspective of fellow minority students.”

Ivan Roman
First Year Transfer Undergraduate, Computer Science


ivan roman


“Throughout my time in college the lack of fellow Hispanics in my engineering courses has become more and more noticeable. I consider myself lucky to have had every opportunity provided to me that has led me to where I am today. I feel I have a civic responsibility to try and better the lives of others by showing them that they too could be an engineer, or successful in general.”

Caitlin Russell
First Year Undergraduate, Undecided


caitlin russell


“Engineering is about problem solving, and problems are easiest to solve when there are many people with different backgrounds and ways of approaching it working together to solve it. The best way to have engineers with different experiences working together is to ensure that students of different races, gender identities, and socioeconomic backgrounds are encouraged to pursue engineering and I would like to help make that happen.”

Ariana Sabbat
Master’s Student, Civil Engineering


ariana sabbat


“I want to be able to share some of my understandings about diversity and continue to improve the college’s diversity for students after me. I understand, first-hand, the difficulties that come with being a minority in a large university from imposter syndrome to a feeling of disconnect from the community and I want to help other students overcome some of these challenges like I have.”

Mohammed Mohammed Salih
Third Year Undergraduate, Computer Science



“I joined the Student Advisory Board to share my perspective and learn of students’ perspective on issues.”

Charles Schertzing
Senior Undergraduate, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering



“The College of Engineering needs to have the voices of students who understand what their fellow classmates are going through. Our administrators need to hear the voices of students to understand and to address our concerns.”

Ahmad Shirazi
PhD Student, Integrative Systems + Design


ahmad shirazi


“I joined because I believe the DEI SAB will have a significant impact on a lot of students lives and I want a part of this movement.”

Catherine Sullivan
First Year Undergraduate, Undecided


catherine sullivan


“I feel that the University of Michigan as a whole understands the importance of awareness of transgender issues, but hasn’t yet incorporated things like understanding how to handle name and pronoun discussions into common or easily accessible knowledge across the University. The Student Advisory Board is a great opportunity for me to make a difference in what I see as a significant but manageable problem. I would like to be a part of the Board to share my perspective on these issues and the underrepresented issues of others.”

Michael Tong
PhD Student, Materials Sciences & Engineering


michael tong


“I have had too many professors and teachers bring up micro invalidations based on ethnicity. Part of living my vision is to provide a space for students, who feel these micro invalidations, to raise their concerns or have someone listen to them. I joined to position myself to listen to others and then make changes from DEI related issues.”

Sumedh Vaishampayan
Master’s Student, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering


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“As an international student, I believe I can truly flourish in the DEI board. It’ll also help me know and interact with other cultures which will help me grow as an individual.”

Andreya Ware
Second Year Undergraduate, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


andreya ware


“I feel the College of Engineering is very diverse, which can be seen in the blend of different peoples throughout the college, but more can be done to make it more inclusive. I would like to help make it possible for everyone to feel included so we all thrive both in classes and in our social lives.”

Kathie Wu
Senior Undergraduate, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering



“I joined the SAB because I want to know what is going on in the University in terms of DEI initiatives, and be able to provide my feedback and input to ensure that the College is a place where I feel comfortable and included.”