Race, ethnicity, unconscious bias and inclusion education

We will be working towards launching sustained, pervasive education around issues of race, ethnicity, unconscious bias and inclusion required for everyone in engineering – students, faculty and staff – within one year from fall 2020.

We have assembled a number of community teams to develop five proposals to bring DEI education and awareness, with an initial focus on race and ethnicity, to all persons in the CoE community:

  • Undergraduate students: Content on identity, systemic anti-black racism, and other forms of exclusion in the context of STEM and engineering design will be integrated into the existing curriculum where appropriate, and a new required course will be developed that will examine historical context and societal impact, particularly with regard to STEM practice.
  • Graduate students and postdocs: Expanded professional development opportunities that include education and skills development on race, ethnicity, and other DEI topics to prepare participants for their professional environments.
  • Faculty: Establish and maintain a continuing education program for all College of Engineering faculty on racial equity, inclusive teaching, and broader DEI issues.
  • Staff: Create a professional development system for staff focused on anti-racism; ethnicity issues; social justice; and communication skills needed to develop and maintain an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment.
  • Our community at large: Change it Up to Stop Anti-Black Racism bystander intervention workshop will help participants develop skills to create an environment that rejects anti-black racism

We will be sharing and refining these ideas with the Michigan Engineering community throughout the academic year:

  • Present initial plans this Fall semester, and ask for thoughts, feedback and ideas
  • Launch a handful of pilots this Fall and Winter semesters to test viability and get on-the-ground feedback
  • Once we collect these results, the DEI Implementation Committee will work with the Dean’s Office and coordinated teams to distill the feedback, refine plans and implement them beginning Fall 2021

Community Teams

Faculty Community Team

Carol Lagemann
Cynthia Finelli
Herek Clack
Heidi Sherick
Kathleen D. Klinich
Kathleen Sevener
Lisa Campbell
Mark Moldwin
Nicole Heffernan
Chinedum Okwudire
Pauline Khan
Ken Powell
Sara Pozzi
Tershia Pinder-Grover (co-chair)
Michael Wellman (co-chair)
Rose Moya (project manager)
Atisha Vaughan-Shaw (business analyst)
Bradley Whitehouse (communications)
Materials for engagement: Lyonel Milton, Akesha Moore

Staff Community Team

Chanda Doxie
Edward Brock
Elizabeth Fisher
Heather Guenther
John Rodriquez
Kelly Cormier
Kyle Oberle
Thomas Knox
Paula Vinales-Bowman
Deborah Mero (co-chair)
Heidi Sherick (co-chair)
Rose Moya (project manager)
Atisha Vaughan-Shaw (business analyst)
Zachary Robertson (communications)

Undergraduate Community Team

Ashli Wilson
Alison Bailey
Emmett Springer
Karl Grosh
Harsh Jhaveri
Kathleen Sevener
Lyonel Milton
Mark Moldwin
Ravynne Jenkins
Karen Revill
Kate McAlpine
Sabrina Kim
Steven Skerlos
Shanna Daly
Blaire Tinker
John Callewaert (co-chair)
Joanna Millunchick (co-chair)
Rose Moya (project manager)
Atisha Vaughan-Shaw (business analyst)
Katherine McAlpine (communications)

Graduate/Postdoctoral Community Team

Eric Rutherford
Gabriella Fleming
Richard Vanden Heuvel
Lyonel Milton
Joanne Navarre
Mary-Ann Mycek (co-chair)
Eric Michielssen (co-chair)
Rose Moya (project manager)
Atisha Vaughan-Shaw (business analyst)
Cara Gonzalez (communications)

Bystander Intervention Community Team

Angie Stewart
Audra Baleisis
Amanda Ewing
Will Sherry
Jeanne Murabito (co-chair)
Debby Covington (co-chair)
Rose Moya (project manager)
Atisha Vaughan-Shaw (business analyst)
Jocelyn Reinert (communications)

New Center Team

Karina Moore
Gabriella Fleming
Lyonel Milton
Johnny Lee (administrative support)

Faculty Curriculum Committee

Kimberly Diaz
Carolyn Kuranz
Jennifer Linderman
Mingyan Liu
Lyonel Milton
Tershia Pinder-Grover
Ken Powell
Akesha Moore
Sara Pozzi (co-chair)
Rose Moya (project manager)

Graduate Student & Postdoc DEI Education Advisory Committee

Kira Barton
Rhima Coleman
Gabriella Fleming
Ann Jeffers
Nina Lin
Joaquim Martins
Eric Michielssen (co-chair)
Mary-Ann Mycek (co-chair)
Nilton Renno
Eric Rutherford
Herbert Winful

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