Beyond the five-year plan

A DEI culture shift

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We feel very strongly that, at Michigan Engineering, the job of creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive community rests not within one organization or group of people, but with all of us. Summer 2020 has sharply exposed the disparities in our society, and the continued systemic racism and bias in our country that have long led to violence against our Black citizens and a lack of equal opportunity.

We will be building a framework to ensure every member of the engineering community is educated about issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, beginning with a focus on race, ethnicity and unconscious bias. We will also maintain and expand pipelines and pathways to become successful engineers and leaders, and create tools to ensure the campus is more inclusive and equitable.

To that end, we will be launching two major initiatives this year, taking us beyond the five-year strategic plan and into the future of a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment that permeates our community.

        • Education: Sustained, pervasive education around issues of race, ethnicity, unconscious bias and inclusion for everyone in engineering – students, faculty and staff – within one year.
        • New Center: Evolving the role of our Center for Engineering Diversity and Outreach (CEDO), establishing a new structure which will work horizontally across all our pillars and units to ensure the work is not siloed and provides resources for the students (current and prospective), staff and faculty behind our research, education and culture.

When the University launched its five-year strategic plan, the College took the time to evaluate the how and why behind DEI. Through it, we identified the major challenges and obstacles, and learned how to clear a better path through them. These initiatives are foundational to lasting change, and will build a framework to allow us to become more effective in our efforts to address other critical matters, such as sexual misconduct, accessibility, harassment and more.

A DEI letter from the dean

In a letter to the community, Dean Gallimore shares a plan to tackle systemic racism.

Engineering seeks to educate on societal racism, bias through new proposals

‘We have seen, both through our own data and through the divisive issues society is facing, exactly how urgent this issue is.’

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Six Diversity Myths

Overcoming these common misconceptions will help engineers develop better solutions.

Share your feedback

There are many opportunities to provide your feedback and let your voice be heard:

  • EnginTalks: A DEI Culture Shift:
    Join us on Zoom Thursday October 8, 5:30-6:30pm, for an EnginTalks conversation.
    This will be an opportunity for everyone – students, faculty and staff – to hear from the Community Teams that have been assembled to tackle each area of our education proposals.
  • Office Hours:
    Both the DEI Implementation Committee and Dean’s Office will be holding open office hours to talk about these initiatives or any other concerns.

    • DEI Implementation Committee members: Most members of the College’s implementation team will be available for office hours throughout the semester.
    • Dean’s Office: Dean Alec Gallimore will be holding open office hours for faculty throughout the semester for anyone who would like to speak on this or other issues. Details on how to sign up will be provided soon.
  • Feedback Form:
    Provide feedback anonymously through our DEI Feedback Form.
  • Faculty & Staff:
    The plans will be reviewed at the upcoming Faculty meeting on Wed, Oct 14 and Staff State of the College on Thurs, Oct 15.
  • More to Come:
    Each community team will be reaching out individually to groups within the College’s departments, units and student groups to ask for their insight and feedback. Keep an eye out for these opportunities throughout the semester.

In addition, the expanded Change it Up to Stop Anti-Black Racism will be piloting their new sessions with students and staff this semester. Invitations to those sessions will be coming out soon.