Career Resources

Recruiters tell us that Michigan Engineering graduates are some of the most marketable around. Our employment stats and opportunities both on- and off-campus confirm that.

  • Thousands of on-campus interviews and two major career fairs are held each year — just for engineering students.
  • Hundreds of internships and co-ops are secured by each class pre-graduation, with monthly salaries as high as $6,000
  • 2011/12 graduates who accepted a full-time job within a year of their graduation earned salaries as high as $100,000 for Bachelor’s degrees and $150,000 for Master’s.

Engineering Career Resource Center

The ECRC is dedicated to helping students prepare and apply for the current job market. Students are encouraged to visit the ECRC as soon as possible to help them explore which career pathway they would like to take.

Internships & Co-Ops

There are a few options for you to get your “feet wet” in the business world while at Michigan. A “co-op” (short for Cooperative Education Program) is a two-semester immersion within a company for an in-depth professional experience. Internships are shorter experiences often taking place in the spring/summer for students to explore professional practice and industry culture. International internships are also available.

Taking advantage of internships and co-ops is a great way for you to jumpstart your career in the field and plan for a successful future. You can explore and evaluate whether you’re interested in a particular field, and if you’re ready to commit to a career after graduation. This model offers students a chance to see the “inside” culture of a company while having the ability to learn.

For more information, consult the ECRC Career Manual (PDF).

Engineering Careers, by Simplicity

Engineering Careers, by Simplicity is the online recruiting system specifically for Michigan Engineers, through which students and alums can apply to jobs and schedule on-campus interviews. With almost 7,000 job posting yearly from top companies like Cisco, Eaton and IBM, it is a valuable tool that provides students with the resources and information to help them find the best opportunities. Creating an account is as simple as logging in, and every engineering student is encouraged to take advantage of this immensely helpful platform.

There are also options to connect with mentors and alumni, explore the Resource Library, and gain access to exclusive career-related events.

Career Fairs

North Campus holds many career fairs throughout the academic year, including the largest Engineering Career Fair in the country. They are designed to give you the chance to interact with and learn from real companies while showcasing your unique skills, talents, and accomplishments. The career fairs are always major events, and they garner lots of attention.

Professionalism is important, too, so if your wardrobe consists of primarily of extra-large hoodies and tees, now might be a good time to start thinking about business attire.

Workshops & Career Advising

The ECRC offers dozens of workshops to help you student prepare for life after college. Ranging from resume writing to interview training, these informative sessions are indispensable, and are taught by trained members of the ECRC staff. Many of the workshops are available to recent graduates as well.

In addition, you can schedule a career counseling appointment through Engineering Careers, by Simplicity to discuss your current options and receive advice. The earlier you start planning for your career, the better!