Hire a Michigan Engineer

Are you part of a business or organization that’s looking for the best and brightest to add to your staff? Attracting talented employees is the number one reason companies approach us for help. We produce engineers that live up to our “Leaders and Best” reputation, and therefore, competition for their attention can be quite fierce. The corporate relations staff is able to help you find new and more effective ways to reach the precise subset of students with whom you most want to connect.

The Engineering Career Resource Center

The Engineering Career Resource Center website is your online portal to our full-service campus career center, dedicated to matching employers with student job-seekers. Contact Kerri Boivin, Director, for more information on how to:

  • Register For an Online Account
  • Post Full-Time, Internship & Co-Op Jobs
  • Reserve Interviewing Rooms
  • Offer Workshops & Information Sessions to Students
  • Register For Engineering Career Fairs

Recruiting & Job Postings

The ECRC is pleased to offer Engineering Careers, by Simplicity, our online recruiting system. Use the system to post jobs, collect resumes from interested candidates and request on-campus interview dates.

Build Your Pipeline

Supporting Diversity & Outreach Programs

For decades, Michigan Engineering has worked to create a learning environment that promotes excellence, values diversity and assures equal opportunity. To continue building a robust, diverse pool of future engineers, Michigan Engineering is engaging external partners in:

For more information, contact the Center for Diversity & Outreach, or the Corporate Relations Office to schedule a meeting.

Multidisciplinary Design Program

Corporate employers know that the best engineering recruits are those who have ample experience putting their studies into practice by working on team projects. Michigan Engineering offers students a series of courses in which they can do just that. Project-based courses are offered from freshmen year through graduate school, either within a single discipline/major or as part of the multidisciplinary design program.

Corporate sponsors supply many of the projects for these courses and are asked to assign an engineer/advisor to help guide students as they work. All projects are showcased at the end of Fall and Winter term at the Design Expo, where students present their work to faculty, peers, corporate representatives and the public for a final grade.

Download a complete list of project/design-based courses and get more information about sponsoring student projects from the Multidisciplinary Design Program website.

Scholarships and Fellowships

We welcome corporate partnerships that help support future engineers.

Find out more about how supporting scholarships and fellowships can help your company.

Student Teams, Organizations & Societies

A well-rounded campus experience starts with traditional coursework and labs, but often it’s the student’s extracurricular activities that set their education apart. Active membership on a project-based team or in a student organization or society helps engineers develop social and leadership skills and personal and professional connections that will help launch their careers. For this reason, companies often view student group members as some of the best engineering recruits available.

Corporate sponsorship of student teams, organizations and societies is always welcome, and, in turn, companies gain closer access to students through their meetings and events.

The Corporate Relations Office can help you determine which student groups are best for your company to interact with and can help connect you to the leaders of those groups.