Portrait of Jeanne Murabito

Jeanne Murabito

Executive Director

Michigan Engineering
Student Affairs
(734) 647-7118

143 Chrysler

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See What We Love About This Campus

North Campus, the home of Michigan Engineering, is a hub of creativity — where engineering, art, music and design students co-exist.

Health & Wellness

Physical Health

Using U-M’s exercise facilities for cardio, strength training or a game of basketball is time well spent. Just a short walk from most of your engineering classes is the North Campus Rec Building (NCRB), which offers free 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. access to weights, cardio machines, a pool and courts for volleyball, basketball, racquetball and more.

Taking advantage of these numerous facilities at the University—from intramural sports to yoga classes at the North and Central Campus Rec Buildings — can help to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.

Healthy Eating/Nutrition

Ann Arbor boasts some of the best food and restaurants around, and University dining is no exception. A wide range of menus gives you the chance to eat nutritious food every day of the week.

Explore the University’s diverse dining options below.

Mental Health

Sometimes it’s difficult juggling academics, clubs, and volunteering—sometimes it’s difficult just being at a new place in a new town. Every student will come across obstacles while attending college, but you will not have to deal with these setbacks alone.

The C.A.R.E. Center serves the Michigan Engineering community as the primary resource for students of concern and crisis intervention. They provide a confidential and holistic approach to supporting students with academic and personal concerns. C.A.R.E. hopes to help the student overcome their concerns and resume their effective coping techniques to continue successfully with their academic career.

Similarly, students can visit the Engineering Advising Center on North Campus to receive one-on-one advice and help from devoted staff members from within Michigan Engineering.

The CAPs program on Central Campus was established to provide students with psychological counseling and treatment at any stage of their academic path.

Personal Support Systems

College is a big step, and sometimes you can benefit from having a peer mentor who knows the ins-and-outs of everything Michigan has to offer. Entering into a mentoring relationship with someone is a proud legacy at U-M, forging friendships and connections that last lifetimes.