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Michigan Engineering
Student Affairs
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North Campus, the home of Michigan Engineering, is a hub of creativity — where engineering, art, music and design students co-exist.

Engineering Opportunities

Multidisciplinary Design Program

Engineers of the future are flexible individuals that are able to examine the entire process and design creative solutions – not just worry about the technology. Although it’s common for students to focus on just one aspect of engineering like computer science or mechanics, the Multidisciplinary Design Program mimics real-life work environments by encouraging teamwork among students in different specialties.

The MDP Minor is achieved through a combined experience of traditional classes, credits earned through a design project and leadership/mentorship experience, for a total of 15 credits. Students can earn credits while working on a student team or project or even participating in a lecture or seminar.


Our students are driven by a commitment to serve the common good through solutions that push the bounds of what is possible. Immersed, a collection of carefully designed experiential learning opportunities, serves to reinforce this commitment based on the belief that innovation is born out of exploration. Immersed experiences provide a path for our students to become the engineers who can step into the future with the confidence, collaborative spirit, and socially conscious minds needed to change the world.


Global Studies

Engineering solutions no longer adhere to national boundaries – they span the globe. Today’s engineers must reflect that, and feel confident working in a global marketplace. Creating this “global competency” while you are still in school is imperative to securing a successful future, and Michigan Engineering is dedicated to encouraging all students to have a global experience before they graduate. The International Programs in Engineering Office makes the travel abroad process easy, and the intercultural learning will last the rest of your life.

The Engineering Global Leadership (EGL) specialization is an extension of the Michigan Engineering Honors Program. It is a unique opportunity for students interested in integrating engineering into a global business environment. EGL students continue at U-M beyond the Michigan Engineering Honors Program to earn a Masters in an engineering discipline.

Michigan Engineers Abroad

More and more students elect to study or work abroad during college, and many decide to go more than once. The different perspectives to which students are exposed help shape their future work and interactions.


Sustainability is about more than just “being green.” It’s about recognizing a need or opportunity and creating a system that not only solves the problem, but can be adapted, maintained and sustained over the long haul. Michigan has a commitment to sustainable energy and innovative problem-solving that will help prepare for a brighter future. Engineers, in particular, play an important role in the success of this growing field.

Organizations like BLUElab, M-HEAL and the Program in Sustainable Engineering (PISE) offers students a way to give back while looking ahead to future generations.


Entrepreneurship is not just about launching a business. At Michigan Engineering, it is about instilling the entrepreneurial spirit in our students, and encouraging them to explore, take risks – and learn from their failures.

The University of Michigan is recognized as a pioneering force in the world of entrepreneurialism. With resources like the Center for Entrepreneurship and the ever-expanding startup accelerator TechArb, you will be able to learn the vital skills needed to integrate engineering innovations and business expertise.

Entrepreneurship in Michigan

University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship is moving on to the next level.