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News Story Hacking into homes: Security flaws found in SmartThings connected home system
Cybersecurity researchers were able to hack into the leading "smart home" automation system and essentially get the PIN code to the front door.
News Byte Does wiretapping make the US more secure?
Susan Landau, Senior Staff Privacy Analyst at Google, will discuss security risks inherent in wiretapping Internet communications, and the larger question of ...
News Story What are quantum computers going to do for us?
U-M engineers are developing quantum computer technology that may have big implications for cyber security. But what exactly is a quantum computer, and will ...
News Story Professor's free website encryption service passes 7M certificates
A Michigan Engineering professor is on a mission to secure every website on the internet, and he and his team are making great strides.
News Byte Crypto wars, part deux
In this lecture-on-demand, Cindy Cohn, Legal Director and General Counsel for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, talks about how the NSA is making us all less ...