Research Areas

NERS faculty and student research spans the four pillars of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences, and these programs impact socially relevant fields.

  • Impact

    NERS research advances sustainable energy, security and defense, health and environment and enables scientific discovery.

  • Fission Systems and Radiation Transport

    Understanding the way that atomic nuclei split and how radiation moves through materials is crucial to nuclear power and nuclear nonproliferation.

  • Materials

    Radioactive materials and the response of materials to radiation are important to nuclear power, space technology and fundamental science.

  • Radiation Measurements and Imaging

    Radiation measurements are important for medical imaging, archaeology, astrophysics and preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.

  • Plasmas and Nuclear Fusion

    Plasmas have the potential to purify water, propel spacecraft across the solar system and beyond, heal wounds, ignite nuclear fusion and more.