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Chair and Chihiro Kikuchi Collegiate Professor

Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

(734) 763-1261

1911 Cooley

Ronald Gilgenbach | Faculty

Ronald Gilgenbach

Chair and Chihiro Kikuchi Collegiate Professor, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

1911 Cooley
rongilg at umich dot edu
(734) 763-1261



    Short Bio


    Columbia University
    PhD Electrical Engineering ’78

    University of Wisconsin
    MS Electrical Engineering ’73
    BS Hon. Electrical Engineering ’72

    Research Interests

    Science and technology of intense electron beams and plasmas generated by advanced MV and MA accelerators. High power microwave generation from intense electron beams.


    • 2010, Chihiro Kikuchi Collegiate Professor
    • 2006, Fellow, IEEE
    • 1996, Fellow, American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics
    • 2006, Outstanding Professional Award from IEEE Southeast Michigan Section
    • 1997, IEEE Plasma Science and Applications Award
    • 1993, Research Excellence Award (UM College of Engineering)
    • 1987, Young Member Engineering Achievement Award from American Nuclear Society
    • 1984, Presidential Young Investigator Award
    • 1984, Centennial Key Award for Outstanding Young Engineer from the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society



    • Chair & Chihiro Kikuchi Collegiate Professor, 2010-pres
    • Professor: 1989-Pres. Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences, UM
    • Associate Professor:  1984-1989, UM NERS
    • Assistant Professor:  1980-1984, UM NERS
    • 1978-1980: Contractor to Naval Research Lab, Washington, DC


    • Review Committee for Plasma Physics Division at Naval Research Labs, Member (2011), Chair, (2013)
    • Advisory Committee, Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate, Oak Ridge National Lab, (2013)
    • Board of Directors, Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors, (2010- pres.)
    • Chairman, Plasma Science and Applications Technical Committee, IEEE, (2007-8)
    • American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics: Fellow Committee (2007), Nomination Committee (2008), Program Committee, (2013)



    Publications, Tech Transfer, Patents and Applications

    SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS (appearing during 9/78-pres.)

    • Number of refereed archival publications: 175, published and submitted
    • Number of conference abstracts: >300
    • Number of chapters in books: 2
    • Number of Patents: 5


    1) R.M. Gilgenbach, "Electron Beam, Ion Beam, or Neutral Particle Beam- Induced Modification or Enhancement of Combustion Reactions," US Patent # 4,885,065, Issued 1989

    2) Ya.S. Derbenev, Y.Y. Lau, R.M.Gilgenbach, "Two-Beam Particle Acceleration Method and Apparatus" US Patent #5483122, issued 1/9/96

    3,4) V.B. Neculaes, R.M. Gilgenbach and Y.Y. Lau: “Low Noise Crossed-Field Devices Such as Microwave Magnetron Having an Azimuthally-Varying Axial Magnetic Field and Microwave Oven Utilizing Same”, US Patent 6,872,929, Issued March 29, 2005 and US Patent 6,921,890, issued July 26, 2005

    5) Gilgenbach, Lau, Hoff, French and Luginsland, “Crossed Field Device” US Patent # 8,841,867 B2 (issued Sept. 23, 2014)  


    • Developed a state-of-the-art 1 MA accelerator facility.