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Chair and Chihiro Kikuchi Collegiate Professor

Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

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1911 Cooley

Shanghi Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute President Ming Guang Zheng and colleagues engaged with students and faculty during a visit to NERS.Whether you are looking for new nuclear engineering talent, assistance solving technical challenges or new technologies, NERS may be able to help.


Each year, the NERS department releases collections of resumes from students who will earn BSE, MS or PhD degrees in NERS and who are seeking permanent or summer employment. See the resume book for the current Academic Year.

Facility access

Need to test a material? The Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory has a variety of facilities, including a tandem accelerator, an ion implanter and an ion beam assisted deposition system. For more information, visit the MIBL website.

Technical assistance and technology

Having trouble solving a thorny problem? Or are you interested in a new technology developed by NERS researchers? Learn more about connecting with Michigan Engineering research.

Ways to engage

Get to know NERS

Michigan Engineering Corporate Relations can arrange a customized visit that will give you an in-depth view of the people, places and exciting developments that pertain to your company's interests and challenges. After collecting a few details on your objectives and the technical areas you wish to explore, they will tailor your visit to include:

  • a strategy discussion where we clarify your specific objectives with Michigan Engineering;
  • meeting with faculty whose expertise areas best align with your research interests;
  • connecting with the students and student groups most likely to match your recruiting profile; and
  • tours of labs and facilities.

To plan your visit, contact the Michigan Engineering Corporate Relations office.

Host students

Advertise summer internship positions with the Michigan Engineering Career Resource Center.

Fund research

Support a laboratory or project. For more information, contact the department chair, Ronald Gilgenbach.

Fund education

Support students through scholarships and fellowships. For more information, contact the Michigan Engineering Corporate Relations office.

Research Profiles

NERS expert profiles in Elsevier’s SciVal network