Contact: Cherilyn Davis

Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

Michigan Engineering

(734) 615-7139

1906 Cooley

Cooley building, home of NERS

Since the discovery some 100 years ago that radiation can transmute elements, nuclear and radiological technologies have played a major role in medical treatments, national security and carbon-free electricity generation.

In addition to these important topics in the field of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences, our department encompasses nuclear medicine, plasmas for applications such as space travel and water purification and the use of radiation to create materials with new capabilities.

NERS is joined by ten other top-ten departments in the College of Engineering, and the University of Michigan boasts highly-ranked schools in Natural Resources, Public Health, Medicine, Law and Business. The broad-based excellence of the university offers students opportunities to build expertise in complementary areas and gives our faculty access to high-level collaborators of all stripes for interdisciplinary research.

Our research cuts across the boundaries of disciplines to find solutions to real-world problems in four major areas:

  • Sustainable Energy
  • Nuclear security and defense
  • Environment and Health
  • Enabling Scientific Discovery

The strong research and teaching programs at U-M NERS have kept us consistently in the nation’s top three nuclear engineering graduate schools.

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