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Research News

Startup success: H3D gamma-ray imager localizes and images hot spots

Professor Zhong He has plenty of experience to prepare him well for entrepreneurship: He runs a successful university research lab.

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From global to local: Annalisa Manera improving nuclear reactor safety, reducing cost

By 15, Annalisa Manera knew she wanted to study theoretical physics. "I was curious about astrophysics and relativity theory and excited about particles and quantum mechanics," said the now-associate-professor of NERS and head of the U-M Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow Laboratory.

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A new pin on the map: foreign researchers express interest in MIBL

The Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory has hosted visitors and researchers from many countries around the world, but none yet from Pakistan. Now that the lab's renovations are nearing completion, it's a better time to host visitors.

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Community Highlights

Challenges and opportunities of the changing energy geopolitics

David Kay is a Senior Fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies and a consultant with a concentration on counter terrorism and weapons proliferation.

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Strategies for predicting materials degradation in harsh nuclear fission and fusion environments

This presentation will describe the challenges associated with modeling the performance of nuclear fuels, structural materials, and plasma facing component in the nuclear fission or fusion environment and more.

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Michigan Engineering professor named among top physicists

When a scientific publisher pulled together top research led by female physicists, Sara Pozzi, a professor of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences, was honored and humbled to find one of her papers on the list.

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