Welcome to the Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences department at the University of Michigan.

Research News

2-D visualization of gamma ray imaging

A 2-D augmented reality visualization of gamma ray imaging is demonstrated at the University of Michigan's Nuclear Engineering Laboratory

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Graphene ‘phototransistor’ for imaging, communications

New light-detecting device senses light that doesn’t hit the graphene itself.

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Renovated nuclear reactor building opens as world-class labs

Inside the renovated Nuclear Engineering Laboratory, researchers in the nation's top-ranked program will advance nuclear security, nonproliferation, safety, and energy.

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Community Highlights

Professor Sara Pozzi elected Fellow of the American Nuclear Society

Sara Pozzi has been elected a Fellow of the American Nuclear Society. It is the Society's highest membership grade and recognizes the contributions made to the advancement of nuclear science and technology through the years.

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Innovation is for finishers

In the fall of 2011, Zhong He began a journey that more and more faculty around the U.S. are making  -  from inventor to innovator.

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The role of plasma modeling in the innovation cycle for nanofabrication

Building upon the success of past events, we continue our annual tradition of bringing the whole LNF community together to learn about each other’s work and celebrate the wide variety of research being done at the LNF.

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