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Assistant to the Chair

Industrial and Operations Engineering

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1877 IOE

Yili Liu | Faculty

Yili Liu

Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Industrial & Operations Engineering

G622 IOE

(734) 763-0464


Short Bio

Professor Liu teaches courses in human factors/ergonomics. His research interests include human-machine environment systems, cognitive modeling, cognitive engineering, and cognitive ergonomics.

Research Interests

  • Applications
    Healthcare Operations
  • Ergonomics & Human Factors
    Cognitive Ergonomics
    Engineering Psychology
    Human Computer Interaction
  • Industrial Operations
    Organizational Design
    Technology Management


  • Wickens, C., Lee, J., Liu, Y. and S. Becker "An Introduction to Human Factors Engineering (2nd edition)," (2004), New York: Prentice Hall.

  • Wickens, C., Gordon, S., and Liu, Y. "An Introduction to Human Factors Engineering," Hardcover - 750 pages (December 1997), Addison-Wesley Pub Co; ISBN 0321012291.